Terrible one's? And warehouse shopping tips

Oh how my daughter has grown.....she was once a sweet mostly happy baby. As much as I love her my patience is surely being tested. There are days I just want to hide ha. It was like she turned one and then became this new person over night. She is moody, vocal and demanding. She can have on her favorite cartoon, Blues Clues, and have her toys and be happy and in a split second get angry and cry and throw herself on the ground. Part of it might be teething and part might be frustration because can't tell us what is wrong but I want my sweet baby back!...more

Next frugal tip!

Sorry it has been awhile. I didn't mean to get caught up with well life! Our weekend wasn't really busy but maybe that is what we needed. This week has been an awful whirlwind and we just want it over. We went to mid week service last night to try and recharge. Going to church is never bad but we wanted more of a recharge than a bible lesson but nonetheless it was good to go and God was happy we were there. Last time I mentioned Krazy coupon lady and I hope you have found that site helpful! Today I am going to talk a little more about coupons and then move on....more

It is official....I sell on etsy!

www.etsy.com/shop/paisleypartyexpress check out my items for sale on my etsy page! More items to come as I create! ...more

Coupon frenzy? Let this lady do all the work for you....

Ok so my next tip is regarding couponing! I have found an amazing site and it has been a huge lifesaver. Thekrazycouponlady.com. She does everything for me except print or cut out the coupons. Every Sunday after I gather my paper coupons I go to her site. She has everything sorted by store! I grab the stores weekly ad and see what she has to say. She tells you what good deals are at each store and where to get the coupon....even past coupons. She cuts out all of the hard work. I put each stores coupons into their own envelope with that stores list....more

Just give me a cow and some chickens.....

We survived the party! Our daughter is officially one. Her party was a success and we appreciate everyone who made it. Next year we might delay her party. Seems everyone, even me, had something. We had quite a few day of cancellations....but who doesn't love cupcakes? We had enough for one every night for a week! But it was a wonderful party and we look forward to many more. Is it terrible I am already planning next years theme? Oh it's a toss up Cinderella or Alice in wonderland?...more

Valentines treats....

So, this year I actually got gifts for a holiday ahead of time and have stuck to my schedule. I decided to do 14 days of valentines for my husband. I even had the first three days gifts packed for the trip. It can be just about anything. Some things I have given so far are Reese's pieces and said I love you to pieces. Cheetos snack bag and said orange you glad I am your valentine?! Eclipse gum and wrote total eclipse of my heart. It doesn't have to be food but does make for a sweet treat. Today's gift is gummy lifesavers with a note that says you are my lifesaver....more

Life is not an emergency it is a gift....

Well, back from FL and just haven't had a chance to update. But we had a wonderful trip. It was just perfect. I highly recommend the beach in winter. Nothing is ever crowded and depending on where you go you might be surprised at 65 degree weather in January. Our LO is usually a terrible traveler not so much in the car but at night. This time just on the first night she wasn't happy. We actually got sleep after that. Now we are all sick with something. I have sinus issues and I think my husband and daughter have a cold. Her little nose just keeps running....more

Birthday fun and teeth

The first birthday! So much planning and stress to make the perfect party. (Mostly for the parents too.....down to the photographs ha) Well, if you are in my family anyway. We shop dollar tree, hobby lobby and our own craft closets. We are those type of control freak people. We get an idea and then that is what it must be and drive ourselves nuts ha. I come from a very artistic family. When you say party, shower or wedding we pull out all the troops. I knew awhile back what I wanted to do theme wise for our daughters first birthday....more

Easy cooking and big decisions

Oh what a great weekend! Friday was spent at home with a movie. Saturday was on and off productive for me. My husband did a lot of work outside. We spent the majority of the day with my mother in law. Sunday is usually church but I had a big event so we went at night. The big event? I got baptized. It was very exciting and rewarding. I am happy. It was a decision I made on my own and am thankful for my husbands support and that my daughter got to see me. It is a big commitment. I was raised another faith but never felt like I truly belonged....more

Safe driving.....

I admit I can be an overly cautious driver......but let me tell you the story behind that. From age sixteen to about 23 I had two accidents that were my fault, one that wasn't, about nine tickets or more (most speeding) and about 8 cars. Need I say more? So, one day I woke up and thought boy I could sure save a lot of money and my dad from getting a heart attack if I drive like my mom. Ha. (My mom has never been at fault for an accident and never had a speeding ticket) It annoys my husband to no end. He cant stand it....more