Taking the high road each day. Today is not one of them.

Today is a good day, a Sunday is a good day to take stock of all that is good and all that I am blessed with. But yesterday was not that kind of day. And because I am human after all, and not all is rainbows and unicorns, not by far - I wrote about how I felt. You know the saying 'if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy ...' Add a couple of kids in here too since the girls declaring this to have been the worst Summer ever has not done much to lift my spirits. Paperwork, house showings, open houses, even their precious dog Ella passed ......more

Sticks and stones

Stick and stones may break your bones, but words will destroy your self esteem ... They will cut you to the core. They can strip you of your confidence. They will play over and over in your heart. They lay your soul bare. And yet it is the playground mantra when teased, or bullied ... sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me ...'  There really is no truth to those words and yet they have been bandied around since 1862. Sadly, name calling translates way beyond mere name calling as we grow older - although apparently not wiser....more

2011, Words, the Window to our Soul


Farewell Dear Christmas Card, our paths must part ...

  Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE Christmas Fan ... we have half a dozen trees up, the front is decorated, my shopping is done - yes, I am one of those people and just to add to the holiday spirit, holiday music already fills our ears....more

Jamie Lee Curtis and I could be twins!

actually she has a few years on me, so I'll settle for sisters or at least a very close relative.Jamie Lee Curtis has been at the top of my favorite actress list for like - ever!...more

Scary TV and Sex Bots!

 Late last night, found me semi-watching tv, catching up on blog reading, and waiting for Mr 51% to get home from a flight  (because I can multi-task like that)  The tv was on Discovery Health and there was a show on called 'Buried Alive' because the folk on there had hoarded all this stuff.  These shows are great to watch if you have a family of dust bunnies under your sofa, because you will come out smelling like roses.  (for an ocd cleaner such as myself, well, let's just not go there)Keep reading folks ... because now we go to...more

Don't be calling me no White Trash Mama

 Don't be calling me no White Trash Mama!http://bywordofmouthmusingsandmemoirs.blogspot.com/2010/10/white-trash-mama-across-color-lines.html...more

Wild and Crazy/Home Sweet Home

 After weeks of travel ... we are back to life, back to reality ....http://bywordofmouthmusingsandmemoirs.blogspot.com/2010/10/wild-and-crazyhome-sweet-home.html...more

Tis the Season - coffins?

 Anyway, so the mail today, held an offer that said if you buy a cemetry plot, you get a free coffin! And really, how cool would that be right before Halloween? I mean if we can store a dozen Christmas trees, why not a few coffins? I think we will probably need a couple down the road so its a necessity in a way, not an indulgence. So I thought I would look at a couple, and this is what I found ......more

Porn, Our Unwelcome House Guest