My Quest For Healthy Eating - Part 1

"It's not about food," I kept telling myself."Living well is an emotional and spiritual matter.""Find inner strength.""Know yourself."I bristled at the idea that I had to eat a certain way in order to feel better.After all, I'd tried healthy eating for years, hadn't I? And it hadn't worked. After years of failed experiments and obsession with food, I had decided that diet wasn't important after all, that psychology, not physiology, ruled supreme....more

Why I Left Facebook

 A week ago yesterday, I deactivated my Facebook account. I left behind 533 "friends", numerous notes, status updates, pictures and private conversations.I'd been toying with the idea on and off for months, but the final decision came quickly. I had no tete a tete, no back and forth comment chain weighing the pros and cons. It was just time to go....more

A Life of One's Own

Hello, and welcome to my ongoing series about simplicity, emotional wholeness, and building an authentic life.In this capitalist world, we're taught to value ourselves as workers and consumers. Freedom is supposed to come through finding a good job, spending your best hours there, and bringing home the paycheque.Well, lots of people have a problem with this. ...more
@Darcie Thank you for the welcome, Darcie! I've just posted my second blog entry, and I hope you ...more