Inner Buddha | Sick of Myself and My Angst

The longer I work on this book, the more sick of myself I become. Seriously. I'm so tired of managing my own psychology around the angst that accompanies the writing of this thing ....more

Hearth and Home | The Simple Woman's Daybook 9/29/13

FOR TODAY Outside my window is a warm fall afternoon, soon to give way to a cool fall evening. I am thinking about the series' finale of Breaking Bad, airing in an hour! I am thankful to be ahead of my projected book schedule -- for now, anyway ....more

Ivory Tower | First Day of 2 Months of Revisions

And so it begins. I'm a week ahead of schedule. Moreover, Chapter 1 has been heavily edited and reworked in the past, and after I read through it this morning for two hours (hyperventilating as I went), I think I've concluded that I simply don't have that many content edits to make to it ....more

Hearth and Home | Welcome, Autumn!

Yay! Fall starts tomorrow and, as if to honor the change in seasons, today is the first day of real rain! It just started about 10 minutes ago, and it's slated to turn to showers rather than continue steadily, but it's more than a mere drizzle ....more

Hearth and Home | Lazy Day

I'm determined to have one today. A lazy day, that is. Because I'm resolutely taking a break between finishing the writing of v ....more

Hearth and Home | The Simple Woman's Daybook 9/18/13

FOR TODAY Outside my window the pomegranate tree is full of slowly ripening fruit. I am thinking about how to manage my own psychology (read: insecurities) around the final revision process for my book, starting next week and continuing until December 1. I am thankful that the six chapters are now complete and I don't really have anything else to write totally from scratch ....more

Hearth and Home | Color Me Reclusive

The further into my sabbatical and book writing-and-revisions I get, the more reclusive I find myself becoming. I didn't go to a single movie this summer. Hello, I'm a film professor ....more

Hearth and Home | Is It Fall Yet?

Almost, if you're going by the calendar. And definitely, if you're me. Perhaps because I've lived and worked most of my life according to an academic calendar, fall starts as soon as the new school year begins, and for the last 11 years of my life, that's meant late August ....more

Ivory Tower | Progress Report on Book

Well, other than the fact that I'm about to run over my 80K word limit on my manuscript, things are going well. I've earmarked September for writing Chapter 3 from scratch, and already only 5 days into the month, I'm halfway through a projected word count for it. (Let's just say that I'll have a lot of editing down to do in October and November, but I'm pretty convinced that I can do that.) I'm not quite halfway through the material I want to cover .. ....more

Travel Bug | Fort Worth for Thanksgiving 2013

And I just snagged a much cheaper ticket from San Francisco to Fort Worth during Thanksgiving week than I'd been pricing through Kayak from my hometown ... like $150-200 cheaper. It's a little inconvenient to leave out of San Francisco, but it's worth it for the savings ....more