In Praise of Ugly Christmas Ornaments

            If we hadn't had a blizzard  in the northeast this year I should have been one of the ones trolling the mall looking at the seventy-five percent off Christmas decorations at my son's insistance. Mom we really have to get some new Christmas decorations. Those wreaths in the window are butt ugly. and  I don't want to see them up another year. They ghettoize our house. " Oh they are all right"I  I said....more

A WhistleBlowers Christmas

NancyShell   I decided to decorate my house for the holidays this year with a brand new theme So I went to the store. I searched through a myriad of: festive red and green garland and bows, sugar plum fairies, santas, angels, stars and lights. The decorations  all  looked inviting and  I wanted to a tuck some of those items in my shopping cart but they weren't the only Christmas decorations ' I was really looking for....more


If I had money I would give whistles to the survivors and whistle blowers of ...more

Knowing - Nursing Home Chronicles

  The nursing home Our Lady of Perpertual Hope and Care is changing hands someone  said putting  a pumpkin colored flyer in my hand and as I enter the parking lot. I look up to see my mother face framed in the last bit of sunset sun up in  stained glass window on the fourth floor. She waves to me from  the window. as I drag my  fibromyalgic and slowly responsive body across the parking lot.  The change over is all the talk in hall at the reception desk and in the elevator ....more

It's Easier Not To Know

 My car pulled in Our Lady of Perpetual Hope and Care Nursing home parking lot. I found a parking spot that allowed me not to use the whole list of curses I kept ready on my tougue. The lot was full of obtuse parking angles and providence like this was mighty unusual. I was never this lucky to find a  parking spot with ease Something was wrong. I could feel it. The feeling of foreboding spread me as soon as I slid the car into PARK....more


This is a test to see if my sentence posts...more

Did Kim tell you to email me if you're having problems with your posts? ...more

The Lawlessness of the Laws of Child Support

My exhusband owes me $59,810 in child support. That's right. Now ,before you point the finger and state how I should have had the support order enforced before it got to that point clearly, you have never lived the nightmare called child support. I live in the state of Pennsylvania and am now handicapped. I have raised two children alone one of which is handicapped and poor. I was not an unwed mother . My children and their father share the same last name. I was a teacher My exhusband is now a convicted felon due to his abuse of me among other things. ...more

All the stories you read will be true

I realise that nobody except Kim Pearson on this Blog site really knows me . That my stories may require your to stretch your credibility factors as I tell my stories. The stories that I tell are true. I have had an unusual life.I may change the characters names a little to protect the innocent rather than expose the guilty. So if you read my body of work know that I am probably not exaggerating well ,maybe a little bit but only to provide a linear device to a non-linear situation . I thank you, in advance for the minutes you'll allowed me to take up in your day. ...more

Heavy Weight Champion of the World.

My Dad called me on my cell phone an gave me a rather cryptic message all I could understand was the last part about you better go check on your mother at the nursing home she's gone wild! It was cold and it was winter and I didn't feel like driving the distance to see my mom in the dark as ,the winter sun slipped below the tree line. My cell phone rang again in the car as I rounded a bend and the road evened out. I decided to take the call even though it's now against the law to talk and drive. ...more

Title should read Heavy Weight Champion of the Worldmore

Simon Cowell , American Idol,Wheel Chaired Hecklers and Other Nursing Home Hazzards

I just finished visiting my mother in a nursing home. I go there about three times a week to see my mom, have some laughs and check on her safety and well-being. My mom had a stroke about three years ago and her speech, body function and short term memory has been affected. She is also wheel chair dependent now. My mom is eighty -one years old she retains her beautiful youthful face and her ability to start trouble. ...more

What happened in the cafeteria? Looking forward to finding out!