Working Mother 100 Best Companies years ago, Working Mother made a bold decision to launch our first Best Companies initiative. The magazine was six years old, covering the immense influx of women into the workforce at the exact moment that American businesses were trying to reinvent themselves to survive yet more economic turmoil. That’s when we challenged companies to address the unique needs of working mothers. Today, we celebrate our winners’ continued commitment to their employees through an ever-increasing array of family-friendly benefits....more

Kids with Cancer: Special Report by Working Mother

Three years ago in August, the week I was supposed to be getting my daughter ready to start 5th grade, her first year in middle school, I found myself in a children's hospital going through the first definitive biopsies and tests that began our worst nightmare. My nine-year-old had cancer. It had silently crept into the bone of her leg, and had been growing, maybe for months, to the size of a wine bottle....more

Millions of people are benefiting from new consumer rights today! Here's a great link to a blog ...more

Working Mother's Most Powerful Moms in the Military

All working moms get asked: "How do you do it?" But the question is even more pointed when you speak with women in the military -– especially those whose careers have taken them up the ranks and into the world's war zones while raising a family. Working Mother introduces us to women who are role models for others in some of the most demanding of jobs. They make our list of Most Powerful Moms. ...more

Working Mother Magazine's Most Powerful Moms

We have heard a lot of talk about how women have tipped the balance in the workforce. There are more working women in the U.S. than there are working men.  Seventy percent of working women are mothers.  ...more

It's always rough trying to juggle both your career and spending time with your family. ...more

All Women at the Table

It's not enough to say there is a woman on the Board of Directors or we have so many managers who are women.  It's really important to have a diverse group of women at the table.  Women of all ethic backgrounds who bring special context to every discussion.  Diveristy on every level makes a company or an organization, even a Girl Scout troop, more interesting, deeper and richer....more

Memoirs and Exploring Mother/Daughter Relationships

I gave a pillow to my sister once with an embroidered saying on it: “Moms Make Memories.” It’s very true – whether memories are good, bad, joyous, or sad, much of what we carry around came from our childhood days. Yes, we have to admit that some folks don’t have moms who they lived with, but for the rest of us, mom was the center of events, trips, and rites of passage now sealed in our memories. So, it’s no wonder that at this time of year, we editors are deluged with women wanting to share great memories with us, stories about their mothers. Many come in email now and o...more

Hourly Workers: Best Companies and the Moms Who Work for Them

From cashiers and housekeepers on up to the corporate office, working moms at Working Mother's Best Companies for Hourly Workers are getting the benefits, training and flexibility they need to succeed. And their families benefit, too. Meet a few women who show us how they make work work for them and their families. ...more