28 Weeks Pregnant: The 7th month kicks in

At 28 weeks, I have now entered in to month number 7 of this 10 month (yes, you read right, 10 months!) slog of pregnancy. Quite unnervingly, with still almost 3 months to go, it's getting tough. The pains have increased greatly and for days on end I am in extreme discomfort in my lower back and hip joints....more

You Know You're Pregnant When...

Along with the expanding belly, swollen feet and bizarre dreams, pregnancy has the habit of doing something to a woman that only perhaps a breastfeeding mum or OAP can relate to: it makes you lose your brain! Pregnancy brain is the cause of many a missed appointment, many an embarrassing moment and of course the tendency to lose track of what it was you were saying halfway through your sentence. Ah, pregnancy bliss! Hmmm. Why don't the women on those pregnancy books look quite as confused as I feel most of the day?! ...more

When is a Single Mum no Longer a Single Mum?

I have been asking myself the question in the title of this post for the last week or so and I am still not sure of the answer. I guess I am technically still a single mum? I think at least, but for a while now I have stopped feeling that way. ...more

About Time!

'Childline'? Where's 'Parentline'?

There is a free phone counselling service in the UK for children and young people up the age of 18 called 'Childline'. Pretty much any British person knows of it and I reckon half of us called it during our childhoods wanting to admonish our parents for whatever travesty they had stowed upon us that day (I know I almost did a few times in my most dramatic years!). I've decided that whilst it's all well in good having 'Childline' where's 'Parentline'?...more

The Pursuit of Happiness...

Yesterday I had planned on writing a post, based on an article I read, talking about the kind of holidays you can have were money no object!...more

Silent Sunday


The London Riots - My 10 Pence Worth!

Following my last post about 'The 10 year old Supermodel and the Sexualisation of Girls', I have been going back and forth in my mind whether or not to write a blog post about what is going on in my home country (Britain) at the moment. I am used to writing posts that discuss problems with co-parenting, living as a single parent, dealing with tantrums etc etc but I tend to stay away in the main from political subjects and now I have written about the exploitation of young girls followed by considering writing a post about the social, economic and policitical condition of my country....more

The 10 Year Old 'Supermodel' & the Sexualisation of Girls

Last week I was rather taken aback (and not in a good way) at an article I read on a 10 year old 'Supermodel's' appearance in French Vogue magazine. Firstly, it is shocking alone that the term 'Supermodel' has been linked to a 10 year old! It's bad enough that model agencies like to find girls age 14 and start to mold them to their needs ready for when they hit the magic 15 but 10!!!! 10 year old girls should be watching Disney movies and playing with toys, not featuring in high end magazines with faces plastered in make up that makes them look more like a street walker then a little girl....more