Chats With Maverick.

Maverick: I’ve got two secret pee spots in the yard outside. Me: (silence) Maverick: I selected them carefully. Me:...more

Shouting From The Internet (instead of rooftops).

Today is an important day because I zipped myself into my favorite old pair of jeans without feeling nauseous because they were so tight. They are snug but wearable, and when I realized I got into them without sucking in I ran into the living room and demanded that Robbie take a picture so I could document this blessed event … which I am shouting from the internet because running around my neighborhood yelling, “OH MY GOD MY PANTS FIT!!” in these jeans would be difficult. I’m self-conscious just like any other woman, and this is a big, exciting milestone ....more

The Ridiculous Summer of 2014.

This seems to be a recurring theme in my life, but I’ll go ahead with it anyway: this week was very long and very hard. I guess most of them are, right? This week, Asher threw his shoe at me while I was driving ....more


Isn’t this just the funniest, saddest thing?! Cheer up, Pepper! Swinging is supposed to be fun ....more

My Middle Child.

I have to work to stay present. If I don’t stay present, I don’t enjoy my children; they simply become another thing for me to deal with. So this week I’ve noticed that Asher has started that adorable, almost-three-years-old way of talking and I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT ....more

Spin Class.

Ouch. Today, as mentioned in my previous post, I needed a break from my children so I chose to attend a Spin class. I have been to exactly one Spin class in my life before today and it was a very long time ago ....more

It Was Fine! How Was Yours?

Sometime later today, Robbie is going to ask “How was your day?” And here is what I’ll want to say. Asher sneezed repeatedly with a mouthful of eggs at breakfast. I found the baby quietly playing with a poop pellet she found ....more

Stay Back.

I don’t know why anyone thinks this little girl needs her big brothers to protect her. She’s got this ....more

The Worst Selfie Ever Taken.

The #selfie makes me laugh. I totally take them, because who else is around to take a picture of me? I’ll tell you who ....more


If you’re new to my blog, I need to make sure you understand that I have no idea what I’m talking about. I don’t know anything about anything, so if you’re here because you want to learn how to be a better person … I can’t help you. I write because life is hard and I really don’t have the time or money for therapy ....more