Join in on the New York Fashion Week action, hashtag style

Ok, maybe not live but technology has paved the way for us to be part of an experience whether we are there in body or not. It is quite thrilling to log on Instagram and check on all the major hashtags. Gurls, get on it #NYFW #MBFW #SS14 are just the few I could come up with right now ....more

Travel Chronicles | Eiffel Tower Part 1

26 days in three continents, four countries, numerous cities, countless airports and gazillion number of people and friends. They say travel change you, and I ...more

Paris in 48hours

In less than three days I will be boarding a plane from Pittsburgh to Paris, a direct-flight too. Three months ago when I started looking at flight to Paris and ultimately to Nigeria, I didn’t think I could fly straight from Pittsburgh, so now you know. I initially thought I would have to drive to Washington D.C to catch a direct flight, but here we are ....more

African Women Entrepreneurship Program

Thirty women representing 27 African countries arrived the United States for the African Women Entrepreneurship Program, a program started four years ago by the US State Government to empower women entrepreneurs in sub-saharan Africa. The African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) is an outreach, education, and engagement initiative that targets African women entrepreneurs to promote business growth, increase trade both regionally and to U.S. markets through the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), create better business environments, and empower African women entrepreneurs to become voices of change in their communities....more

What It’s Like: Launching a StartUp, Working Full-time and Raising a Child

Plus training for a marathon…. It is insane. The last couple of months ....more

Social and Tech Conferences for Women Entrepreneurs

Forgive me for lumping social and tech together, but to be quite honest, most companies started by women in the last decade has a social-good benefit to it. My favorite is the Honest Company by Jessica Alba, and of course many others. PS, I am launching a social-good company in the Fall, stay tuned ....more

Pros and Cons of Obama’s Trip to Africa

Are you following Obama’s visit to Africa? Well, specifically Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania? Some argue it’s a total waste of taxpayers money, while others think that it is long overdue ....more

My Favorite Picnic Bag For the Summer – Yield

Friends, as you all know, I am a sucker for picnics. I prefer to sit under a tree with my picnic basket, and a good book to read or simply reflect on my life, career, business and family. I think that women forget to relax, refresh and rejuvenate ....more

How to Prepare for Paris with a Toddler

Our summer vacation doesn’t actually start until August 1. Although, I am still thinking about the possibilities of a short trip to Toronto over July 4th weekend. So far, I have read various reviews about taking kids to Paris, most of which are positive ....more

Summer Reading List for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

I am an avid reader. While growing up in Nigeria, I read mostly science and engineering related books mostly because parents wanted their kids focused on a particular than being jack of all trades. Upon attending college in America, I realized that being well-rounded was nothing to be ashamed of, and it was somehow wired into my DNA ....more