Not Good, But Right. (My Goodbye to Major)

I’ve been thinking about doing right and feeling good. Yesterday, Adam said to me that it doesn’t feel good, but you know it’s right. He was right, too, of course ....more

I want my daughter to know….

When Addy was just a tiny baby, I got in an unintentional fight with some adoptive parents of non-white kids. (You can read my thoughts about that incident here.) I was a new mom and I didn’t want to be painted as a poor soul who had already failed because of my ethnic heritage, and my supposed innate, unchangeable out-of-touch-ness. I am still wary of any racial conversation in a public space because of that incident, so what I am about to write has been written and deleted many times, thought over, considered, and rewritten ....more

Being Needed

Yesterday morning, Adelay and I went to Costco. This is a regular occurrence for us, and Addy knows the drill: eat graham crackers, smile at passers-by, kick feet out of cart-holes and chillax. She has the best life ....more

A year later

One year ago, we were thrown from desperate hope of one kind into desperate hope of another. It’s hard to remember, now that Addy is a crawling, babbling, Cheerio-gobbling little lady, but she was tiny, helpless, with skinny little arms and legs poking out of baggy newborn clothes. I remember praying that she would eat her tiny bottles, that she would keep breathing through the night (surely I’m not the only parent ever to worriedly check on her newborn throughout the night? ...more

The Cute Conservative is Moving On

When I started this blog is 2010, I wanted a place where I could write about politics without making the readers of my other blog upset. I guess I’d bought the cultural norm that politics and... [[ This is a content summary only ....more

Learning Joy

It seems to me that we are very bad at both grief and joy. I don’t know if this is an American thing, or a Christian culture thing, or a modern too-cool-to-care thing, but I feel it in my life. When we moved to Oregon and I started to realize that adopting a child was not just a vague longing but a desperate, quaking fire within me, I got good at grief ....more

Mother’s Day for the Brokenhearted

Perhaps in preparation for Mother’s Day, I’ve been seeing a lot of videos and articles about how hard motherhood is, particularly when you have young kids. Mostly, these are shared by moms, for moms, giving each other a virtual heave-ho to get through the meltdown in Target or the second cold cup of coffee. I get it ....more

Target Bathrooms, Angry Christians and Boycotts

After I wrote my last post, I started thinking more about the question of “what next?” After all, once the delicious intoxication of outrage has passed, we must actually decide where to... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ...more

Transgender Bathrooms and Blaming the Victim

Ah, friends, I come to again on this beautiful spring morning, when a soft breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the outrage is blowing like a tropical hurricane. It seems that Target, she of... [[ This is a content summary only ....more

Stress-shopping and Plastic Breakfasts

Today I stress-shopped online, bouncing from swim suits to place mats in a desperate attempt to feel better. The trouble with stress-shopping online is that I rarely actually buy anything – it just makes me feel worse about my messy house and fat rolls, and I waste valuable hours that should be rejuvenating, browsing Williams-Sonoma instead. Stress-shopping is a lie, a silky seductress who beckons me with new stuff and pretty pictures, taunting me as I prop up my soul with her instead of a good talk, a good book or a good walk ....more