Easy or Adventure? I Choose Adventure

I can be a roommate to my husband pretty easily. We’re both easy to get along with, we pick up after ourselves, we grab a beer from the fridge for each other. What’s much harder is to invest in each other, to listen carefully to hopes, dreams and fears, to reverently hold one another’s heart in our hands ....more


Say you walk into a store and pick out a couch. It’s a beautiful couch. It’s comfortable and has a corner for napping in and goes great with your living room ....more

I believe

Last night, we found out we didn’t get chosen by a birth mom who was considering us as an adoptive family for her baby. We’d just come off a long weekend with dear friends (who we really didn’t want to leave) who have a “bouncing baby boy” – a two-year-old with an infectious grin and a penchant for reminding us expectant parents what we’re signing up for. Before they came, I bought a little farm playset and book for E, because I wanted him to like our house and I was trying to convince myself that I’d need kid stuff soon anyway ....more

2014 Favorites

Seeing as how today is January 13, I’m pretty late this party. However, Val made me grin and grin with her list and so she inspired me to write this anyway. 2014, you were a good one ....more

You don’t have to “get it”

I often hear from other adoptive families that the people in their life don’t “get it” – “it” being the unique struggles and emotions of adoption. I know how it feels to be misunderstood or unsupported, but I wonder if our language is what’s keeping some people in our lives from being as supportive as we wish. A dear friend of mine lost her mom recently after several years of battling breast cancer ....more

The Right Thing

A few weeks ago, I got a card from a favorite winery of ours, wishing us a “Happy Holidays”. Since this was essentially a corporate Christmas card, I didn’t think much of it. This.. ....more

New on Trochia: Waiting with Joy and Hope in the Advent Season

“Grandma is coming!” “Santa is coming!” Children are great anticipators, and are easily swept up into awaiting “comings” with joy and enthusiasm, sticking little noses against frosty windows and bouncing up and down with excitement on Christmas Eve. We can learn something from a child’s excited anticipation in this season of Advent. The word Advent is actually an anglicized version of the Latin word “adventus”, which means “coming” ....more

Adoption Expedition Fundraising Letter

(We snail-mailed this letter over the last couple of weeks, but I wanted to post it here too. If you didn’t see it, or want to respond here, we still have plenty of beef to hand out! Thank you for being such a loving and wonderful community.) Dear Sherpa, We are so excited to share our joy with you as we pursue our “adoption expedition” ....more

Gratitude and Advent

I’ve been thinking about Advent this year, more than usual. Maybe it’s because I’m preparing for motherhood, and I long to make Christmastime a holy season in our family, and give us moments for reflection as well as joy. Also, this year’s holiday season feels bumpier than most – we are still in the middle of home improvement projects, we didn’t get to go to Texas like we usually do for Thanksgiving, our Christmas celebration will be condensed because of work obligations and other plans ....more

Gratitude Project: Pets

I was probably eight or nine years old, and something had upset me. I wandered into our garage, and sat down on a box to have a good cry about it. I was halfway through my first satisfying sniffle when I felt a tiny, warm paw on my calf ....more