Why Hospitality Matters: the Church

I told you yesterday about why hospitality matters so deeply to me. Today, I’m going to tell you some stories about church and hospitality, so gird your loins. After we got married, Adam and I attended a church in our city for about six months ....more

Why Hospitality Matters: Reach and Belong

When Adam was in leadership with FUEL (the church singles ministry where we met) he was one of the “Belong” leaders – basically, his job was to make people feel welcome and build teams that would continue to make people feel welcome. In a practical sense for a church-based weekly event, this meant he had greeters at the entrances and tablecloths on the tables – in a broader sense, he was always looking out for the loner, the awkward girl (me – that worked out well!) or the opportunity to make a table more than a table, but a place to become real-life friends. For my part, I was drawn to the “reach” side of ministry – the inviters and fearless welcomers who brought others into the place to belong ....more

Central Oregon Staycation – recharge edition

It’s no surprise that Adam and I are a little worn out as we walk through a tough season. Emotionally, spiritually and relationally we are burning the proverbial candle at both ends, and it started to become quite clear that we needed a Sabbath, staycation weekend to reconnect and regroup. (We like to staycation, and we have done it to great effect a few times ....more

Spring Manifesto

It feels like Spring around here. Instead of the usual snowstorms and cold flurries of February, we are enjoying bright, sunshiney mornings and warm afternoons. My bulbs are popping up in the flowerbeds and the grass is trying to grow despite the fact that we won’t have irrigation water until April! ...more

The Needy Friend

I’m the girl who cries at Bible Study, who sends super-depressing texts in response to thoughtful “how are yous”. I hear a critical observation about adoption or foster care and I obsess over it for 24 hours, unable to clear my head of that doubt or criticism until I’ve worked out all my own answers to those tough questions. This is embarrassing to admit, and it makes me really fun to live with, as you can imagine ....more

50 Shades of Grey is not a romance, but American Sniper is

The other night, Adam and I went to see American Sniper in the movies. Our local theater has recently added a beer and wine bar, so we walked over to get an adult beverage, and lo and behold, there... [[ This is a content summary only ....more

Celebrating Adam

Adam and I are celebrators. We love birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings and parties of any kind....more

Today is a gift

Adam and Guinness by the Deschutes River on our rainy Sabbath hike last weekend. Today, our sunrise was pink, orange and yellow, like a morning mai tai. I heard a flock of Canadian geese flying and honking over brown fields, which still lie in wait for Spring, despite our unusually rainy and warm February ....more

Why you should support adoption

So, I’ve been asked recently why you should support adoption. “Isn’t that kind of like asking someone to support my kids going to college?” one well-meaning skeptic asked. They thought of adoption as a choice, like choosing to live in the suburbs or buy an SUV – a choice that a family is free to make, but not one that we should fundraise for or necessarily support as a community ....more

It’s not a gaffe. It’s a lie.

Gaffes are when someone says a dirty word in a public speech. Gaffes are what Vice President Joe Biden is famous for – the good ole boy har-dee-har-har missteps of someone who simply talks too... [[ This is a content summary only ....more