The Danger of Using Jesus

I have a confession to make: I like using Jesus. Jesus Christ is the most powerful and recognizable religious figure of all time. I personally believe he is God made flesh, Messiah to the Jews and.. ....more

Why Loving our Post-Partum Bodies Isn’t Enough

I’ve been seeing memes on Facebook about women loving their post-partum bodies. “You’re beautiful, you made a kid!” it says cheerily (and more poetically), with a picture of a glowing mom and beautiful baby basking in soft light. Of course, I’ve gained weight this year but did not make a kid, so I haven’t earned “beautiful mom” status, right? ...more

How I Learned to Dream: Why I Support the Hammond Ranch

I learned how to dream from the back of horse, where anything felt possible. I learned how to drive in a foot of snow. I think I was 14, on my family’s ranch, feeding cows in our old Toyota.. ....more

A little list about 2015

1. What did you do in 2015 that you’d never done before? Became a momma ....more

Christmas Tension

This is one of the most sparkly Christmas seasons we’ve had in years. It’s been snowing off and on for weeks, our baby girl is amazed by Christmas lights and shiny bows, and we have every excuse to throw ourselves into merriment with abandon. Life is good, Christmastime is lovely ....more

Thoughts from “The Messiah”

Saturday was my 32nd birthday, and my sweet husband showed his absolute devotion and studliness by taking me to a three-hour opera to celebrate. I love Handel’s Messiah, but have never heard it live, and our little 1940’s-era theater downtown was hosting a performance. It was a magical evening and I left feeling very inspired – not only because the music and singing was incredible, although it was ....more

An Old Saying for a New Crisis

Is your Facebook feed blowing up with debates about refugees? Whether or not to let them in, combined with photos of scary-looking men and sad-looking kids, depending on which side of the issue... [[ This is a content summary only ....more

Gratitude Project: Homemade Stock

In the fall and winter months, I have homemade broth or stock simmering in the Crock-Pot at least once a week. We smoke a chicken or roast beef shanks and afterwards I plop the bones in water and let them simmer away for a day or two. The whole house smells comforting, like chicken-noodle soup, and I have stock on hand for making rice or stew or deglazing a pan ....more

Gratitude Project: Promises Kept

We met Adelay at 24 hours old. We didn’t get custody until 48 hours, and during that exhausting 24-hour period we were strong for each other and for her. The NICU nurses referred to us as “mom” and “dad” but we knew it could always be different, that maybe this little perfect person wouldn’t actually be ours, even though she’d captured our hearts ....more

Gratitude Project: Finalization Day

Today, we walked into the AAA office, where we’d gone at least a half-dozen times to get several adoption papers notarized. We’ve been having a cold snap so we were bundled up and Adelay was wrapped in a blanket, sound asleep with her head on my shoulder. The notary led us back to a corner cubicle and we dialed the judge’s chambers at the appropriate time ....more