40 Something Here Looking for the Best Face Care Products

Okay, I am 40 something with 3 children, 1 who doesn't sleep well, stress, life... I am tired of looking older than I am.  All my friends look youthful and rested and I just feel like dirt most of the time.  I have been longing to try some of the more expensive products on the market today because none of the inexpensive ones seem to really do anything but at $100 for a 1 oz jar of cream... I just couldn't do it.. UNTIL NOW.  ...more

Free Itunes App is A New Place For Etsy Crafters and Small Business

Itunes QwiQQ App a Free Place to Market for Etsy Community and Small BusinessI must admit I am a huge Etsy fan.  I have been a fan since 2007 when I started my own little blog selling items to moms.  I love that people are so talented and crafty... I am not.  I love that Etsy has blossomed into so much more than I ever thought it would.  It has been fun to watch over the years at the amazing people starting their own little businesses and making money on such a sweet sight.  ...more

New Social App Set to Help Drive Small Business Try Qwiqq Today- It is Free!

Qwiqq Poised to Help Salons, Stylists, Spas, Fitness Spur on Business:I am so proud to announce that our first Hair Salon/Stylist has posted a deal on Qwiqq, a FREE social marketing deal site in Itunes, now available.  We couldn't be more proud that a someone has decided to give Qwiqq a try. The deal was posted by Teetrand in Charlotte, NC.  If you are in that area.. check it out.  Teetrand posts:  "$25 off any color service at HCX first time clients Set up appt w/Tee" ...more

New Itunes Free Deal App- QWIQQ - Help Spur on Local Business!! Anywhere in the World! Anytime!

 Qwiqq - for the first time ever.. a mobil app that lets you find and share deals with your friends.  Help local business by encouraging your friends to try your favorite local restaurant, shop, salon, spa!   Just download the free app and start sharing with your friends and community.  ...more

Any Pro Tips on How to Market Your New Business?

I have recently taken my own blog which I started back in 2007 to the next level and created a new Iphone App called QwiQQ where people can find and share deals with their friends... anytime, any place. It's a free app and I am hoping word of mouth will take over at some point but initially I need a plan to market my new App.  The App is more and more successful the more people are online.. sharing deals and advertising their own little businesses with it.  ...more

New Deal Site Launches in ITunes This Week Check it Out QWIQQ

New Deal Site Launches in Itunes Store this Week.. QWIQQ.  The first deal sharing App of its kind.  No more coupons or spam deals.  Get the deals that really matter to you! Download your Free App Today and Start Sharing with Your Friends.. If you are a local shop/restaurant/salon/spa... start advertising today to your local community, build your faithful following of friends.  The more we are sharing... the more we are caring....more

Coupons Smoupons... so tired of Coupons

Okay, this is my first post.. woot, woot!  I hate coupons.  I wish I didn't.  There is some sort of stigma in my brain I just can't get past.  I totally get the idea.  I love, love saving money.. but I hate coupons.  As a mom of 3 kids, I know that if I save money on my kids clothes or at any store that that just might mean I can carve out a little for myself... maybe a pedicure, a nice little lunch with my friend, a cute little new top I have been wanting or even a sweet new pair of shoes....more