Eucharistic Adoration. It's not just for old people

My grandfather, aunts and uncles used to call it, "making a visit" and I wondered what they meant.My parents never spoke of it at all.In my 30s, I finally learned what "making a visit" really meant; and along with several Catholic homeschooling families, ...more

Melancholy moments, but still here

This morning my dear friend and mentor, Fr. Bob asked me why I haven't written in my blog for some time. He was curious as to whether the evil one has sabotaged my writing.While the latter is not the case, at least overtly, I think that perhaps the evil one has influenced my desire to chronicle my life under several pretexts ....more

Come to the Bella Madre Music festival

Bella Madre Music Fest 2014...more

Returning to the world and trying to be not OF the world

Tonight we are staying in Bowling Green, Kentucky, ready to leave Roxane in the morning and head back to Wisconsin.I apologize for no blog post yesterday, but we were staying at Holy Spirit Monastery in Conyers, Georgia where Flannery O'Connor often visited on retreat. ...more

Flannery & Me and Lessons of Andalusia

Despite my initial reticence and musing on how I could relate to Flannery, it seemed that within moments of stepping on the compacted red soil, it was decided for me. ...more

Flannery & Me

In my mind, she was nearly bigger than life. As the gravel road escorted us to Andalusia Farm, my heart pounded with hints of insignificance, and self-doubts began peppering my soul....more

The perpetual grin of Christina Novak

It was all her idea...really....more

Three Northerners Alone in the South

I apologize ahead of time for pilfering the title of today's blogpost from my friend Roxane who made this comment, but it just seemed too perfect not to steal. ...more

Convergence to Andalusia: day 1

Christina and I met at the Brat Stop in Kenosha this morning around 9 am, and from there we traversed through Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. Traffic was not surprisingly at a standstill in Chicago, which added about a half hour to the trip. We also did not remember to accommodate for the time change in Indiana, but the time spent getting to know each other seemed to shorten the journey.The rolling hills and foothills of the Appalachian Mountains welcomed us as we drove past Louisville Slugger Stadium, Cardinal Stadium and Churchill Downs.All totaled, about six and a half hours and a gas tank later, we met up with Beth and Roxane where we shared a delightful dinner, courtesy of Beth's gourmet cooking ....more

Road Trip

Well, miss my posts?A lot has been going on, most of it hasn't been very nice, but today is a fantastic day.My eldest daughter, Kelly Rose, gave birth to our 8th grandchild, Bonnie Grace. She is named after my late mother, Bonnie Rose and I can absolutely feel her smiling down from heaven.The other news is also good and I hesitated to write anything about it until now in case some of the bad stuff stopped this from happening---but, the fact that I am tossing travel sized toiletries into a small suitcase is pretty much proof that this will happen.I am going on a road trip!Planned for about a year now, a couple of Catholic Writer friends and I are taking 8 days on sort of a pilgrimage.We plan to journey down to Milledgeville, Georgia the home of gifted Catholic author, Flannery O'Conner. We will end up at...more