Last minute Advent

Somewhere between Thanksgiving and my good intentions, Advent blurred into five days before Christmas. It began well, and the first candle was lit on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.....a prayer said over the wreath waiting in the kitchen. I hummed "O Come O Come Emmanuel" while decorating the tree....more

Don't be an angry Catholic

While I am proud of being a practicing Roman Catholic, there are times when I would like to run and hide and pretend that I have no association with the Faith of my infancy.It seems to happen over and over- my husband or I will attend an event designed for evangelizing other Catholics and nearly every time we run across a few judgmental and angry people. They are the type who will look down upon others they do not feel worthy of being in their presence or worthy of attending the event. Maybe they don't worship the right way, or sing the right songs, or volunteer in the right ministries ....more

Eucharistic Adoration. It's not just for old people

My grandfather, aunts and uncles used to call it, "making a visit" and I wondered what they meant.My parents never spoke of it at all.In my 30s, I finally learned what "making a visit" really meant; and along with several Catholic homeschooling families, ...more

Melancholy moments, but still here

This morning my dear friend and mentor, Fr. Bob asked me why I haven't written in my blog for some time. He was curious as to whether the evil one has sabotaged my writing.While the latter is not the case, at least overtly, I think that perhaps the evil one has influenced my desire to chronicle my life under several pretexts ....more

Come to the Bella Madre Music festival

Bella Madre Music Fest 2014...more

Returning to the world and trying to be not OF the world

Tonight we are staying in Bowling Green, Kentucky, ready to leave Roxane in the morning and head back to Wisconsin.I apologize for no blog post yesterday, but we were staying at Holy Spirit Monastery in Conyers, Georgia where Flannery O'Connor often visited on retreat. ...more

Flannery & Me and Lessons of Andalusia

Despite my initial reticence and musing on how I could relate to Flannery, it seemed that within moments of stepping on the compacted red soil, it was decided for me. ...more

Flannery & Me

In my mind, she was nearly bigger than life. As the gravel road escorted us to Andalusia Farm, my heart pounded with hints of insignificance, and self-doubts began peppering my soul....more

The perpetual grin of Christina Novak

It was all her idea...really....more

Three Northerners Alone in the South

I apologize ahead of time for pilfering the title of today's blogpost from my friend Roxane who made this comment, but it just seemed too perfect not to steal. ...more