Letting Go

Yesterday morning I set up a quick painting activity for  my 3 year old, Sam. It was a bubble wrap printing activity that was going around Pinterest last year, and it seemed simple enough to set up and finish while his baby sister napped....more
Good job! The trees are perfect. Every single one of them.more

Hoping for a Gentle Way to Get Some Sleep

This gorgeous November I have been a bit of a hermit because I have been sick and tired. For clarity, perhaps I should say “tired and sick”. (I’m actually not “sick and tired” in the way that we often use that phrase; as I feel very happy on this crisp, frosty morning!)We’re tired because our sweet children (mostly the baby) seem hell-bent on killing us slowly through sleep deprivation, so that (presumably) they may more quickly inherit our life savings. Well, the joke’s on them because we no longer have any life savings! Ha! Take that- you expensive little humans!...more

Expatriation: Living abroad is as lonely as it is wonderful.

A few weeks ago a friend came to me with questions about raising kids in Europe, and about being an expat in general. She has a two year old, and she may have the opportunity to live and work overseas for a few years. She wondered about our experiences.It was a short conversation, and so we stuck to generalities. I told her what I usually tell people when they ask about our two years in Amsterdam: It was a wonderful, probably once-in-our-lifetime opportunity. We would do it again in a second. (PS. It will be tough, in some ways. And you might be lonely. You should go anyway.)...more
Hi - I found your post really interesting, especially the part about "romanticizing" your expat ...more

The Gift of Siblings: Number Two Is the Lucky One

When our son, Sam, was just under a year old, Marc (my husband) and I seriously began a conversation about trying for a second baby. I was feeling confident that we were ready (or, ready enough), and Marc was opening up to the idea. I think our main difference in thought was that Marc considered a second child to be sort of a “gift” for Sam (how cool would it be for Sam to have a sibling?), while I thought he/she was more a gift for us (how cool will it be for us to have another baby in our lives?). ...more
Thank you for your kind and supportive words, Ladies. We are so  lucky to have them, and yes, ...more

DIY Hideaway Train Table

Our son, Sam, loves trains. He received a little Thomas set last Christmas, and has spent may afternoons fiddling with it in his cozy bedroom. Because the room is so cozy, we often need to take apart the tracks in order to move around. With this train table, we are able to keep the tracks put together, and simply slide the whole set under his bed when it's time to clean up! ...more

Everything You Need for Camping with Little Kids

Earlier this summer we joined The Hansons, for our first camping trip with the kids. We had a truly excellent time. Preparing was a lot of work-- as is preparing for anything with babies in tow -- but it was completely worth it. Before I post photos from our (one night) trip, I thought I’d share a bit about what we packed, what we forgot, and what we used. The ages of our kids are: Eleanor, 6 months; Clio, 2 years; Sam, 2.5 years. Here are the essentials: ...more
@Jenni Bost Well...we broke that rule for this camping trip. There weren't many toys, but the ...more

DIY Bath Toys

Our great friend, Clio, turned two last weekend. Clio loves water play; so I wanted to include something ‘water-y’ with her gift. Happily, I recently stumbled upon this tutorial over at The Brooding Hen (yet another great DIY resource), for Hardware Store Bath Toys. Perfect!...more
@Denise I hope you try it- my son had a great time with these and his friend loved them as well. ...more

The Breech 'Problem'

I wrote this post last December (which may be apparent by the Christmas tree in the photos), however, I think of this time often when I am going through something challenging. My little daughter is now almost 8 months old, and I couldn't love her more. It's amazing to think back to this time, when I was so worried about how she would be born, because now it seems somewhat insignificant. She's here, she's mine, and she's perfect....more

Road Maps!

I recently mentioned that Sam and I have been spending more mornings at home lately in order to let Eleanor take a morning nap in her bed. Everything with two babies is a juggling act, and keeping sane at our house from 5:30am (when Sam wakes up), until 12:00pm (our lunch) has proven to be somewhat of a challenge....more