Writers@Work: Getting Started with Graphic Novels by Lisa Walker England

July 28, 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, I’m getting ready for my annual August Internet sabbatical. I’ll be offline starting Sunday or Monday and (hopefully) won’t be tempted to tune back in until August 17th. During that time, you’re free to send me a note via email or social media—just know that it will take some time for me to answer you! ...more

Writers@Work: There’s Food in My Fiction by Amy E. Reichert

21 July 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, This past spring, I attended the Wisconsin Romance Writers of America conference. I loved it, and I learned a lot. Wisconsin author Amy Reichert presented a helpful talk on revision ....more

#WritersRead: Books to Enchant You This Summer by Rochelle Melander

July 14, 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, First, the news. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in the middle of a website redesign. Later this week, my website designer will update her server, and my website will likely “break.” If you visit me at my online home, no doubt you’ll find many error pages ....more

When You Walk Through A Storm, Write A Book by Kathy Haueisen

7 July 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, Welcome to July! As you know, I’m in the midst of a website redesign. If you stop by the site and find it offline—that’s why! ...more

#WritersRead: Addicted to Romance by Elizabeth Cole

30 June 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, Can you believe it’s almost the 4th of July? My usual celebration includes my porch, a stack of books, and a glass of wine. But this year, I promised my daughter I’d celebrate by taking her to an Ed Sheeran concert followed by fireworks at the lake ....more

Lights, Camera, Action! Tips for Making a Book Trailer By Julie Mata

23 June 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, A huge shout of thanks to all of you who completed the survey! You’ve helped me a lot. I’ll be notifying winners of books and coffee in the next few days ....more

Writers@Work: An Interview with Gretchen Carlson

16 June 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, Thanks so much to all of you who took time to fill out my survey last week....more

Help Me Serve You Better (and Enter to Win a Gift Card)!

Hello, Writers! As many of you know, I’m working on a website and business redesign. As I work to better serve you, it’s important for me to understand what you need ....more

#WritersRead: Books That Inspired Me by Laura Templeton

9 June 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, I just got back from the Write to Publish conference, where I spoke about Increasing Productivity and Conquering Social Media. I’m currently putting together a book of my very best social media tips. If you have something you’ve always wanted to know about social media—no matter how simple or complex—send me your questions ....more

Managing Blogs, Submissions, Interviews, and Other Deadlines By Shauna Aura Knight

2 June 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, Happy June! My kids are still in school and the weather remains chilly in Wisconsin, but I’m already in the summer mindset. I keep wishing I could skip work, sit on the porch under a big fluffy blanket, and write ....more