The Forgotten Key to Productivity by Rochelle Melander

November 24, 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, Wisconsin, November 2015 Our lucky stretch of weather ended on Friday night with a small snowstorm. So, no matter how much I’d love to delude myself about the weather in Wisconsin, I can’t. I live in snow country ....more

Advice About Blogging, Building a Platform, and Writing with a Partner: An Interview with authors Norine Dworkin-McDaniel and Jessica Ziegler

November 17, 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, I’m writing an ebook about how books can attract clients—and I need your help. Whether you’ve written a book that has boosted your business or want to, I invite you to take time to fill out a survey. After I take a look at the survey, I will contact some of you for an interview ....more

Yes, Virginia, you CAN publish your novel (but it will take more than a month) by Juneau Black

3 November 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, Are you in? NaNoWriMo started yesterday, and I’ve been shuffling my schedule to make extra time to write each day. I’m not writing a novel this year ....more

Join my Fall Write-A-Thon Class!

Write-A-Thon Class Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to write!...more

An Interview with Award-Winning Mystery Author Hank Phillippi Ryan by Rochelle Melander

October 27, 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, This coming Wednesday, October 28 at 12:00 PM CT, I’ll be teaching a special Write Now! Mastermind Class on the various ways you can use a book to attract clients. If you’re not yet a member you can sign up here ....more

Write Now! Mastermind Class

Write A Book, Boost Your Business: Learn How Your Book Can Attract Clients with Write Now!...more

Three Characteristics of Successful Writers by Rochelle Melander

October 20, 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, Are you ready to Write-A-Thon? National Novel Writing Month starts in just 11 days (yikes!). If you need help, my book Write-A-Thon can support you in planning your project, creating a writing habit that works, and keeping your butt in the chair ....more

Not a Novelist? Make NaNoWriMo Work for You! By Rochelle Melander

October 13, 2015 Note From Rochelle ...more

Try this Writing Exercise and Become TWICE as Successful by Rochelle Melander

October 6, 2015 Note From Rochelle Dear Writers, Are you planning to Write-A-Thon this year? Yup—it’s that time of year again. National Novel Writing Month starts November 1, and it’s time to plan your project! ...more