Multiples Voices Blog - CALL FOR GUEST POSTS

Hi! My multiples club is launching a new blog and we would like to welcome guest bloggers willing and open to share your experiences as a parent of multiples. Please check out the initial blog post and link below!Thank you so much for your time! Alana G. - President BCPMAYou can find the blog at: http://multiplesvoices.blogspot.comOur club website is: http://www.beachcitiesmultiples.orgOriginal post:Sunday, May 6, 2012...more

Urban Violence Puts Damper on 4th of July Festive Spirit

(Article first published as Pardon My Pessimistic Patriotism on Technorati.)...more

Blogs with Heart - Blogger Activism & Awareness

I recently posted an award on my blog called Blogs with Heart for a blogger/designer friend who is using her site to make a real difference in people's lives, and I'd love to see what other bloggers are doing to make a real-world difference in the virtual world. Please check out my original post below and pass the award on to anyone you feel deserves it! I'd love to hear about it.Blogs With Heart. Sounds like a modern Native American moniker. Dances with Wolves. Sitting Bull. Little Wolf. Blogs with Heart....more

Thank you so much! :)more