Technology and why has it taken over?

Do any of us remember what life was like before computers and cell phones? I remember how life wasn't so hetic and people actually talked face to face with each other. You actually mailed a letter through the post office and not email. I was a eighties kid. Computers were becoming popular but expensive. Bulky and loud. Cellphones were for cars and the very rich. Fast forward to 2014, everyone has a cellphone or as they are  called a smartphone. Computers are now laptops and IPads or kindles. Life is revolved around social media and how we can one up each other in technology....more

Miltary Families and Welfare

I recently watched a news program discussing todays military family. With all the military cuts going on and the winding down of the current war, the statistics are showing that 25% of our active duty families and 20% of our retired military families are struggling to make ends meet. Most young families who both work are still needing help to feed the family. Most are using food banks and some type of welfare. Why is that? I tell you in my opinion it is due to all the cut backs and non understanding by our politicans....more

Dating over fourty

Lately, I have been in a dry spell. This dating is really just a drag. Nevermind online dating too.. half of those people make up things that are not true about themselves. ( been there and done that) Then when I do meet someone, they are either one married or two playing games. Now in my fourties it seems even harder. Am I overthinking or looking in the wrong area. Why bother looking? I just will not give up. I still believe there is someone out there for me. For all I have been through, I deserve someone to share the remainder of my life with, doesn't everyone?...more
DatewithLucy  You made my day! Thanks!more

***Review*** MoleHill July 18, 2014 Kansas City, MO CZAR BAR

The Czar Bar sits downtown in Kansas City, Mo. At first look you begin to wonder, but nearby you have the Crown Center and the Sprint Center. The Czar Bar is known for the local and long distance bands. I was given the pleasure of being invited to hear the popular Chicago band "MoleHill". So I scheduled a plane trip and made my way to hear the band that seems to be having people talking and talking a lot. MoleHill can be described as poptastic rock or in some cases alternative with a twist. They have recently debuted a video "MoneyLife". You may find this video on YouTube....more

My love for small time bands

I have this thing for small bands of the unkown who are on the brink of making it big. I am new fan of this group SYNDROME OF FIRE. They are just coming off the Beyond the Blackened Sky Tour. I highly encourage you go to YOUTUBE and check them out. Another group with a dear friend of mine playing is MOLEHILL . They are on their Equinox tour. I encourage you to come out to Kansas City MO on July 18 and check out this band of all bands. Show suport for new artists alike. Micah Oser and Devin Staples play drums for both bands mentioned....more

The Fault In Our Stars **Book Review**

I finished reading The Fault In Our Stars. Literally I just got done. As a dry my tears and gather my breathe , I give this book 5 stars. I would give it 10 stars if I could. John Green you moved me with Hazel and Augustus . Every girl wants to have a Augustus Waters in their life if only for five minutes. You open the eyes of many about cancer. You did not sugarcoat it but you also were not to serious about the diease that takes so many good people away from those who loved them so much.  I want to be Hazel so I can experience what true love is if only for a brief moment in time....more

Alpha by Jasinda Wilder

So I am going to start doing book reviews and I am really good at being honest. I have to say I have just read about every book Jasinda Wilder has put out. Jasinda writes enthralling, plot filled and exciting erotic/romance/real issue books. Alpha is her latest and I have to say the story was impressive. The first two chapters I was getting a sense of dread as the main character Kyrie at first did not seem to have her stuff together. But then again that is stuff that makes great books ....more

Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches we all say do not forget about those who sacrificed their lives for those still living. What about those who are suffering from tramuatic injuries to the brain or mental illness such as PTSD?   Those who live have suffered and have sacrificed. We must not forget what they deal with on a daily basis. Many men and women saw very serious battles while in past wars. From the Revloution War to our current war. Women are often forgotten as many are not in combat units. Many of our women are nurses who see the worst of the worst of war....more

Homosexual lifestyle and the NFL

The NFL Draft has come and gone. The first openly gay player was drafted in the seventh round to the St. Louis Rams. When Michael Same came out as being gay, it was nothing new for most of the world. It seems the media went nuts because he plays football, deemed a MANLY sport. Now look, I am sure their have been countless gays in pro sports and just chose not to talk about their personal life. Frankly, it is none of anyones business what their sex life is about. I think what has everyone up in arms is the fact that ESPN captured Mr. Sam kissing his boyfriend and they aired the piece....more