Do past memories dictate present realities?

Why do we remember? Why is it that sometimes we can remember friends from time's past, and have a harder time remembering what we had for lunch a few hours ago? How is it that thinking intently about something, or someone, brings them into reality? Why do we have memories, at all? I ponder these questions in the hopes of providing some type of therapy for myself, and, my friends. There are times when I wish I could forget. Wish certain people, places, and events would escape my thoughts all together instead of plaguing me like a sickness day in, and day out....more

Bill O'Reilly throws serious moon-sized shade to Lady Beyonce. And maybe this time, he's right

Oh big whoop, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t have anything nice to say about AfricanAmerican pop stars. This time he has pushed his hate-odometer to the socially acceptable standard for black women, Lady Bey herself, or Sasha Fierce, or Mrs. Carter, or Jay Z’s baby mama – or whatever they’re coining her today....more

Confessions of a writing procrastinator

Suppressing my writing relo-meter is becoming quite the chore. I woke this morning in so much pain, if it weren’t for the tubal ligation I had ten years ago, I’d swear I was birthing triplets with no uterus – can you imagine it!  Whewww…it was brutal....more

Shows like Being Mary Jane, Scandal and the Real Housewives of Atlanta are destroying the image of black women

Before I state my claim, let me just qualify some things for all the followers and naysayers who are diehard fans of these shows. First, I have seen each one of these shows. Followed all of them, season after season until recently. Know the internal fabric of every storyline. Understand completely that these are, ‘in fact’, television shows, and despite the titles, are not reality. And lastly, anyone who proclaims this is merely entertainment and shouldn’t be taken seriously are themselves part of the problem that drives this impassioned blogpost....more
I agree wholeheartedly!more

Don't tell my husband, but I have a secret

I wish I had enough time in the day to address all the concerns I see from single women about their issues with being single. I belong to several Facebook groups and nary a day goes by when the ladies, and sometimes the men, aren’t posting their frustrations with being alone and without any prospects in sight. ...more