Getting eyes on my blog - Help!

How do I get funding for my project by getting eyes on my project? I am working on funding my pocket parks project and posting it everywhere. Check it out here: The problem is that I don't want to continually bug my friends via email, Facebook, etc., lest they tune out, yet I'm hovering at only about 30% of my goal amount. I have to fund it fully by August 1st, so time is running out....more

Dementia ... the cruelest disease

I just received a second call from my grandmother, wishing me a happy birthday. My birthday is next week, but my youngest son's is today. During the first call, she thought my youngest was my oldest and my oldest was his cousin!   This could be funny if it were not so sad.   The confusing call had to be explained, of course, but the little one is still not going to understand what's going on.  My goal is to just enjoy whatever part of her we have for as long as we have her....more

I am a social worker in a nursing home and I am a granddaughter to someone with dementia. I will ...more

NaNo, NaNo, it’s off to Panera’s I go…

I did it, and I should actually be doing it now, but I wanted to shout it from the rooftops first!!...more
Hm. Seems you are my neighbor - I live in New London. I wasn't planning on going to any of the ...more