To Thine Own Self Be 'Roo: What My Bonnaroo is All About

Every June, I find myself among 100,000 people on a farm in rural Tenn., all seeking the same ideal: escape. It doesn’t matter that we’re coming from different realities. For some, it’s a world after graduation. For others, impending fatherhood. For folks like me, it’s the day-to-day life of adult- and parenthood. We share this notion, and that’s all that matters....more

Today is a 'Me' Day & You Need One, Too

Today is a ‘me’ day. No cleaning, no laundry, no running my daughter here, there and everywhere. Time to relax in a coffee shop with my soy latte, get a manicure/pedicure, and at some point, settle down with my current book.  Do I feel guilty? Absolutely. Should I feel guilty? Absolutely not....more
Movies, books, tea, and a cat.more

Poor. Pitiful. Me. A Thanksgiving Post.

Poor. Pitiful. Me. I often write blog posts in my head. It's a shame I can't telepathically send them to "Draft" mode. Earlier this week I had a good one cookin' as I drove to school. I was cranky and irritated and had worked myself up. You see, my parents divorced when I was 18. And though the first few years were a little rough, it was a pretty easy transition to being a 'divorced kid' (although technically I was an adult). ...more
Perspective does help, especially in the crazy season. Congrats on your 100th post!more

The Seasons are Changing and So Am I

This weekend marked the autumnal equinox, a day of symmetry, equal parts day and night. Many people kick off this time giving thanks for the abundance in their lives, celebrating the harvest, even giving back to those less fortunate. Me? I spent the Friday morning in my Bible Lit class, where I found I’m not as isolated as originally expected.Allow me to jump back a bit. About 11 years ago my view of the world began to change. Can I define one specific incidence that fueled this? No....more
Hooray for YOU!!! It takes such bravery to decide to live this life as yourself - who you truly ...more

Oh, What Pretty Eyes You Have: A Lesson in Self-Appreciation

Ginnifer Goodwin drastically changed her hair this past spring, but only after permission from the Big Love producers.  To avoid any future scenarios like this, she put a wig clause in her current and all future contracts, allowing her to style her hair any way she wants. "I find it hard to express myself," she says, "when I'm growing out a very bad character haircut." (Click here for the full article)...more
Tears in my eyes. This post is lovely! My hair has been getting progressively shorter for the ...more

My Ultimate Authority: Lessons Learned from Sue Monk Kidd

To write what I learned from Sue Monk Kidd's The Dance of the Dissident Daughter would be another book in itself. Period. But here are the highlights, the select few that are not necessarily the most important wisdom I came away with, but ones I think are the easiest to express here and now....more
@writingbyemily I hope others who have read or are intrigued by the book stop in and share their ...more

Football & Religion: Are They Really So Different?

The beginning of football season brings the inevitable weekend cookouts, cheese dip, and the occasional yelling at the television. Religion isn’t usually mentioned -- except for the casual blasphemy and overtime prayers. Religion and football, though: they’re not so different. To begin, you’ve got your NCAA and NFL football fans. Your lesser-know Arena football fans, and even intramural, flag, and touch fans. You’ve got Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and an array of smaller, lesser-known religions....more
@DesiValentine4 I'm glad you enjoyed it. Believe it or not, it's taken me a year to write this. ...more

The Phrase Heard 'Round the World: "I Look Terrible in that Picture"

Over the past few days, I've listened to women complain about (among other things): fat thighs, bathing suits, big bellies, saggy breasts, double chins, triple chins, quadruple chins... And the phrase heard 'round the world: "I look terrible in that picture."Why do women do this?  You'll never hear a man (or not a straight one, anyway) say, "Look how jiggly my arms look in that shirt." For the love, ladies, we aren't perfect creatures, and we certainly don't look like airbrushed supermodels when posing for snapshots. News flash: we're not supposed to!...more

Are our Social Circles the New Celebrity? Is Facebook the New Tabloid?

I am a recovering junkie. Once upon a time, in a not-so-distant past, I checked the site two, maybe three times a day. I'm embarrassed to admit I would click its link before my local or national news sites in the morning. Maybe it's due to the fact that I don't watch reality television, and therefore don't recognize half the names in their headlines anymore. Maybe it's because I follow People on Facebook and am able to scan the headlines in my News Feed....more

Vagina vs Toody: When Do I Update My Daughter's Vocabulary?

I know a lot of women who are probably blushing as they read this. That is, if they’ve made it this far. The truth is, I’m okay with the word. Sure, it’s not a staple in my everyday vocabulary, but I don’t mind it being flashed here, there and everywhere. It’s the name of a body part, the same as 'arm' or 'leg.' But then I ask myself: When do I bring 'vagina' into my 4-year-old daughter’s vocabulary? Around here, we call it her 'toody.' I like to think it goes along nicely with 'tushy.'...more
I personally don't think its ever too early to teach your child the correct names to their body ...more