The Simplest Way to Make the World a Better Place

On Facebook, my mom recently posed the question:  “What did you do today to try to make sure you left the world better than you found it?”  As I read through the responses—offering to rake senior citizens’ yards, giving free manicures, and donating money to the Marines for children, to name a few—I became increasingly embarrassed with myself.  I couldn’t think of a single “good” thing I’d done that day.  If anything, I’d done just the opposite.  I’d complained a lot, had terrible road rage, and participated in my fair share of work gossip....more
This is a really good practice, I don't think about my impact daily, but should and will after ...more

Advice from an Almost-Failed Cook

It's taken two years, but I no longer feel like a failure as a cook. Don't let that fool you—I am by no means a pro, and I'm definitely not qualified to give cooking advice. Yet, that's exactly what I'm going to do. Hear me out. Image: Still life with thyme, Shutterstock ...more
It is like that with a lot of house chores, in the past the mothers passed on how to cook, knit, ...more