On the two sides of the pen

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."Benjamin Franklin The question is this: Can I choose to do both? ...more

Thematic Photographic 309 - In the Pink

Hot city, cool treatNew York, NYJuly 2014 I've learned the secret to getting a primo parking spot in one of the most notoriously traffic-clogged cities on the planet: Drive a food truck. Even better, make it a pink Frostee truck on a warm summer's night right on the edge of Columbus Circle, a the southwest corner of Central Park. If only I had known this in high school I might have been more popular ....more

You'll never see this scene again

Live at the LincolnNew York, NYJuly 2014 I was at a mall recently with the kids when we decided we'd been walking for a while and needed a break. So we found some benches in the atrium between a couple of corridors and took a load off. I almost missed the fact that there was a large water fountain in the middle of the courtyard, but my kids didn't.I suddenly realized why: These had been fixtures of my childhood, where every mall seemed to have a fountain at every crossroads ....more

When little girls turn 17

17 years ago today, my wife gave birth to a sweet little munchkin who, when the nurse first put her in my arms, seemed almost too small and light to be real. I peeked underneath the rolled-up blanket to see if there was any more of her under there. There wasn't, and yet, she was absolutely perfect in her teenie-ness ....more

Small screen stuff...

While most of my professional life is spent stringing words together, I also get asked on occasion to sit in front of a camera and explain geeky stuff. It's the broadcast yin to my writerly yang.Working a full-time-plus schedule can make it a challenge to find time for sleeping and just chilling out in a Muskoka chair with a tall glass of ice water, an iPad filled with great tunes and reading material, and a napping dog at my feet. But in the end it's a worthwhile tradeoff, because it takes the words that I write and shares them with a different audience in a different way ....more

Clinging to life

Life, defiantLondon, ONAugust 2014Thematic. Vegetation. Here ....more

On remembering our best teachers

"The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see."Alexandra K. Trenfor Now that we're through the back-to-school rush, I thought this quote seemed especially appropriate. As my wife settles into her groove with a classroom full of new students, our youngest son completes his first week in high school and our daughter begins her final year before graduating, Ms ....more

On finding - and using - your light

"Know what sparks the light in you. Then use that light to illuminate the world."Oprah Winfrey I'll admit that I haven't always been the world's most ardent Oprah Winfrey fan. Her particular brand of feel-good marketing has always felt a little too sugar-coated and oversimplified for my taste.Watching her - or any of the other dozens of knockoffs that her template has spawned - can be painful in its sameness ....more



After the interview

Small moments aren't as small to me as they might have once been. I'm slowly learning to dial back a bit so I can enjoy the ride instead of wondering afterward where I've been. Of all the things I've learned over the past year, these words resonate most strongly in my somewhat rearranged brain: Take the time ....more