On yet another limitation of technology

"Technology gives us power, but it does not and cannot tell us how to use that power. Thanks to technology, we can instantly communicate across the world, but it still doesn't help us know what to say."Jonathan Sacks ...more

Thematic Photographic 343 - Far from Home

Now that it's summer here in the northern hemisphere - we can tell because we can cook the proverbial egg on the proverbial sidewalk - many of us are headed out the door for destinations both known and unknown. Vacation time means different things to different people, of course, but one constant seems to be the bulging blob of vacation photos we all bring back with us‎. You can't argue with tradition, even if it ends up all over Facebook, Instagram and your Uncle Phil's flip-phone ....more

Sunset in a faraway place

I wanted to take care of a number of things by sharing this photo: 1 - Let you know how hot it's been here so far this week. 2 - Not-so-subtly remind y'all where else I'd like to be instead of here. 3- Toss one final sky-themed pic into the mix (head here if you'd like to add your own.) 4 - Hint at the Thematic theme to come ....more

The big stick

‎Say hello to the transmitting tower behind the CTV studios here in London. By any definition, it's an impressive piece of engineering, one that makes me a little nauseous every time I try to look at it from the parking lot. Sadly, these staples of the information age landscape‎ aren't as dominant as they once were ....more

On realizing the limitations of technology

‎"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man." Elbert Hubbard ...more

The Zen of a Sleeping Dog

The world is a chaotic place, filled with movie theatre shootings, hacked cars and crashing currencies. But it is also a place where our dog can curl up in the middle of his new bed and have a nap. The headlines that challenge us have no meaning to him, and he'll be just as happy to see us when he wakes up as he was the last time ....more

Reaching for the sky - and the past

‎This tree has been here for longer than I've been alive. It was a lot smaller when a much younger me would ride my bike to this place. I felt like quite the explorer back then, and getting here on two wheels, powered only by my scrawny legs and a healthy imagination, seemed like an expedition to the edge of the planet ....more

Strangers can - and will - hack your car

Apologies for the deliberately hyperbolic headline. At first glance, I know it sounds frightening. You're rolling along on the highway, when all of a sudden your engine cuts out ....more

Thematic Photographic 342 - Sky

Fire in the skyLondon, ONJune 2015 I'll make this week's theme super-simple: I've been pointing my camera up fairly frequently of late. I'm not entirely sure why this is the case, but the sky has always been a reliable source of inspiration whenever my shutter finger gets twitchy.In this case, the kids noticed the sky's especially intense cast as sunset approached, and grabbed their phones and ran outside to try to capture it. Like the ambling father that I've become, I followed them out and in between shooting we tried to figure out why this particular evening's sunset was especially dramatic.We never did figure it out, as there were no nearby wildfires and there hadn't been any recent thunderstorms in the area ....more

Did you just throw that camera in the pool?

New kid on the photographic blockDeerfield Beach, FLDecember 2014Thematic. The Camera. Here ....more