Should You Write Daily?

I recently read a discussion loop on the topic of writing every day, and I was surprised at how many writers felt it would be impossible to find so much extra time in their lives.  I have to admit that I laughed out loud for just a few seconds. Do they think that writers who write every day have extra time? Imagine sitting around with nothing to do, until we authors finally say to ourselves, "Oh, I know what I can do with all this extra time I have. I could write a book!"...more

Finding the Right Office Space

by Tina Ann ForknerOn most mornings after the sun has come up, I undock my laptop from its station and move into my living room where the sun pours through an East facing window. In Spring I can hear birds chattering from an evergreen tree off the back deck and with the growing warmth of the season I somehow feel more energized to write than when I’m cooped up in my office....more

I Want To Change

I am reading a book by a popular author and speaker about what she did after realizing she was super wealthy and that others were poor. It doesn’t matter which book or which author because I am probably just not getting her message, but I can’t stop thinking about WHY I’m not getting the book’s point. I’m afraid that my perspective clouds my opinion and might be keeping me from seeing the message she is trying to teach, which reminds me of 2 Corinthians 9: 6 – 9, a passage from the Bible, which talks about being a cheerful giver....more

Excuse Me, Please: My Daughter Is on the Phone

Thank God we have technology as I sit at my laptop scrolling through pictures and videos of my daughter who has spent the last several weeks with her other family halfway across the country. I don't feel the need to explain summertime visitation to you readers out there. We all know the routine, right? I'm sure many of you are living it right now, either waiting for someone to return, or dreading having to send them back. I'm waiting. ...more
@TW I love texting. I know some people think texting is impersonal, but if the alternative is no ...more

Kids and Coats: A Battle to Let Go

We were headed off to get our Christmas tree and just as everyone was on their way out to the truck, I noticed that nobody was wearing a coat. The kids all claimed they didn't need coats because they were wearing layers, never mind that temperatures have been below zero around here for days....more
Oh yes. I feel your pain. My kids have great winter coats .... hanging in the coat closet .... ...more


“I dwell in possibility,” wrote Emily Dickinson. I don’t know exactly what she meant by those words, but as a fellow writer and lover of gardens (sometimes I don’t dare call myself a real gardener), I have a few ideas. ...more

Would You Read (or Write) a Christian Novel?

I sometimes get asked why I went with a Christian publisher for my first two novels and my answer is that 1) my book’s characters were searching for faith (among other things), 2) my agent at the time (who had strong ties to Christian publishing) thought it could go in either market, but that the Christian market would be the most receptive, and 3) I happen to be a Christian myself and I felt that a Christian publisher wouldn’t attempt to tone down a character’s Christian faith journey just to be politically correct....more

I was introduced to Christian literature (Hello Narnia!) by my parents when I was a child right ...more

Finish Line!

It feels great to have finished a novel that I’ve been working on for a very long time. I appreciate all of the encouragement my readers and writing friends have given me through this blog and on the social networking sites. I didn’t write this particular book with a publisher in mind, so I’m not sure what is going to happen, but I have a ton of faith that, God-willing, this book will be in your hands someday.  Writing this book was so hard. I wanted the process to challenge me and test my skill as writer and I feel like it did....more