The Alcoholic Mother - a family nightmare

Children who grow up with emotionally abusive alcoholic parents suffer life long consequences. Ideally, you should feel nurtured, safe, and happy in your home. When your parents consistently meet your needs, you feel valued and loved. This is not the case for children growing up with an alcoholic parent where their needs often get ignored....more

My mother in law hates me

I can cope in other areas of my life. Everything that has happened to me, including the death of my father and also being made redundant last year, I have managed to get over it and get on with my life. But with her, constantly there trying to drive a wedge through our marriage and split us up it’s making me ill.My mother in law hates me. I am sure of this....more

I hate my mother (but I forgive her)

When a mother abuses her power the consequences can be devastating. Some people never get over the impact that their mother had on them. They are consumed by mother hate.A mother can devastate us with a word, a look, or even an inferred comment and a sigh. She can provoke guilt by the subtle use of her power because she knows which buttons to press....more

Bad mother - sins of the mother

Well of course I was angry when I found out that my own mother had moved away without telling me. Anyone would be angry.Our relationship had broken down a long time before now, and her deteriorating mental health meant that a normal mother and daughter relationship was quite impossible.I had long since accepted that she was never going to be the mother I wanted her to be, and it had taken a lot of counselling plus the love of a fantastic husband to accept her disownment of me....more