Meet the Blisschick in Cleveland for a Dose of Creative & Shiny Mayhem!

Okay. You know that I just figured out that I want to take this work that is the Blisschick way more seriously and no longer just see it as "warm up" for something else. ...more

I Contradict Myself...I Contain Multitudes

No, the title of this post does not come from the DSM-IV! Walt Whitman's Song of Myself came to mind as I began to construct this piece after reading chapter seven of Stephen Cope's The Wisdom of Yoga: ...more

Perfection is Impossible but Fun is...FUN!

Every generation of humans who has ever lived thinks they Know Things For Sure, and they make Big Decisions, Life & Death Decisions, based on these Things They Know For Sure. And then later, when they are part of history, successive generations inevitably laugh at them. ...more

Are Yoga Clothes Making You Lazy?

I have these super comfy capri yoga pants. I have two pair of them, actually. They are supposed to be for yoga and now for dance, but I have been wearing them...all...the...time. And I have noticed something about these pants: They make me lazy. They are too comfortable, too much like pajamas. How sad is that!? ...more

I think you make an excellent point. On the days I actually get dressed, I do get more done ...more

enCouragingBliss: Homage to Twelve

It was at the age of twelve that I began the process of taking my creative self and hiding her away... There is much made of recent studies that show that girls around twelve years old start to ignore and do poorly in the subjects of math and science, but I think perhaps there is something deeper and darker going on that has little to do with specific educational subjects and more to do with Self and Identity. ...more

How Do You Refill Your Creative Well?

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I have begun to sketch again. This seems to be the result of my reintegrating my dancer self into my creative life's matrix, if you will. As soon as I started to dance again, other things were immediately popping up, including this desire to sketch -- and the disappearance of my angst about it, which is the larger gift, I think. ...more

Reading Stephen Cope: Tapping into Bliss

It is not an exaggeration for me to say that without yoga I would never have completed a novel. It is also not an exaggeration for me to say that without yoga I would never have begun a novel -- much less stuck with the process, had the patience, displayed the perseverance necessary to reaching the stage I am now at. I have been doing various types of yoga for about 12 years now. ...more

Calling All Wild Woman Artists and Designers!

So I have this idea and I need some help from you visual artists out there -- and I know there are so many of you! I'm not just talking to those of you who make money with your art. Yes, you are included -- some of you are some of my favorite artists -- besides Marcy, of course! ...more

Reading Stephen Cope: Unitive Experience & the Wild Woman in You

As you all know, my new black capezio dance shoes came a few days ago. The very next day, I really started to break them in. For close to an hour (my stamina needs to be rebuilt!), I danced! ...more

My Wild Dancing Queen Self & the Need for Play

Without (the Wild Woman), women's innereyes are closed by some shadowy hand,and large parts of their days are spent in a semi-paralyzingennui or else wishful thinking. ...more