Being Gracious I've been hurt, I've been ignored, mistreated, abused, laughed at, made fun of, unappreciated... By people in this world.When these things happen to us and we feel "wronged" our first reaction is usuallyget angryget evenhold a grudgebe mean/hateful backI've been guilty of this. Lately I have been feeling "FED UP". That point where you are just out of things to say, do, or be....more

Abram, I'm not sure he was feeling it either

Not feeling like being at workNot feeling like looking at one more stinkin apartmentNot feeling like having to sneeze every few mintutesNot feeling like taking all this stuff to my parentsNot feeling like doing ANY thingOK, sorry to be so transparent and negative. Usually not my normal. Today I'm just tired. Tired of people who think its ok to lie about others. Tired of packing. Our lease ends May 31st. And its already the 7th and I almost have the whole house packed! HA!Yeah, can you tell I'm ready to get this over with!...more