Fake cyber identitites

Are we at the point of just believing whatever somebody tell us on the internet? Personally knowing bloggers who make money and advice people on daily basis when they have not experience and knowledge, it's sad!...more

A healthy brain, exercises and Alzheimer's

Every time we exercise our hearts are pumping and delivering more nutrients  and oxygen to the brain. During physical activity our bodies secretes a hormone called brain-derived neurotrophic factor which is thought to help with neurons growth.Exercises won't stop you for getting or curing brain diseases, but studies have shown to improve or delay some brain diseases long enough so you never experience symptoms....more

Rip workout

From the creators of TRX, this giant elastic band that you  attached to an a really stable surface has an small bar at the end of it, this bar is the part you hold. When you are doing the exercises holding the bar on your hands the resistance of the elastic band pulls you from different angles and directions creating a big force....more

Barre workout

Posted by KATIAELENA on Sep 22nd, 2013 in Blog | Comments Off A barre is a stationary handrail that is used during ballet exercises. The term also refers to the exercises that are performed at the barre, as well as that part of a ballet class that incorporates barre exercises. ...more

Exercises at home

Katia's anytime/anywhere workoutEquipment / resistance tubeRead exercises precaution before start any workoutExercises at your own riskGeneral guidelines are two sets of twelve repetitions ...more

Fitness and Parkinson's

   Parkinsons/Brain and fitness   I became a fitness Parkinson's expert training with neurosientist and Parkinson' research pioneer Becky Farley in 2012.Katia and living with Parkinson’s tips ...more

Love your body because one size does not fit all!

  love your self  ...more
@Miss Pancakes Thank you for taking time to read it!more

Be careful when taking suplements

Hello,Now day's we find all type of suplements on the market, do we really need suplements? Many studies has shown that we don't need suplememnts if we keep a healthy diet and an active life. Of course everybody is different and depending on some health issues or health concerns you may need to take suplements. ...more


Hello!My name is Katia, I'm from Costa Rica and I started my blog around 7 months ago. I hope to meet some new friends and help some people with my fitness blog.Gracias:)Hola!My nombre es Katia y soy de Costa Rica, empeze un blog hace como siete meses y espero encontrar nuevos amigos y ayudar a las personas con mi fitness blog. Thanks:)...more