How The Not so good looking Wife Can Keep Her Man’s Attention On Her

Ladies, I’m gonna share with you a story that contains a powerful concept that you can use to change your life. Now, you can not approve of how I came to learn this concept, but that doesn’t take away a huge difference in what they can do for you Having been in strip bars (some totally nude and partially nude) in big cities like Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and so on, I found my most memorable strip-bar experience while on a trip to Springfield, MO. ...more

Exercise Guidelines for Pregnancy

Many women enjoy a healthy lifestyle that includes regular work and a balanced diet. It may be difficult to maintain that lifestyle when she becomes pregnant, especially through the later stages. But it is possible and even preferable, to maintain a regime of exercise at least until the last step. This routine will be rewarded with a healthy baby following a series of exercises you can do during her pregnancy. Remember to consult your doctor before undertaking such activities. Cycling through the pregnancy ...more


This is really helpful - I wish this information were more widely known. So many people ...more

Aloe Vera - No Wonder They Call It The Miracle Plant

Aloe Vera is a member of the Lily family. It is a succulent that looks a lot like a cactus and is known by various names such as the burnt plant, the miracle plant, the natural healer and the medicine plant. Although there are more than two hundred species of Aloe Vera, only a few have medicinal properties, and of these Aloe Vera Barbadensis is the most beneficial. ...more

20 Effectives Ways To Fight Wrinkles

Aging of the skin is a natural process by which the collagen and elastin, that keep our skin looking firm and youthful, begin to decline, this results in wrinkles. Cell production and cell quality also diminish over time resulting in wrinkles. These factors unfortunately are out of our control, though diet and supplements can slow down the process, but it won’t stop it. The influences that are within our control are largely environmental such as pollution (eg; smoking) and sun damage. Here are 20 easy ways to reduce wrinkles and slow down the aging process. ...more

10 Steps To Slow Down Aging

Aging is a complex process that involves many areas of his body. It is unlikely that a product or a pill could cure all diseases of aging. However, there are things you can do that not only help you age more slowly, but improved their quality of life. ...more

Poor Sleep Increases Risk of the Common Cold

People who reported sleeping less than seven hours per night were 2.94 times more likely to develop colds than those who slept eight hours or more, the researchers found. In addition, those who sleep efficiency of 92% or less were 5.5 times (95% CI 2.08 to 14.48) more likely to develop colds than those with an efficiency of 98% or more Sheldon Cohen, Ph.D., of Carnegie Mellon University and his colleagues in the January 12 issue of the journal Archives of Internal Medicine. The efficiency of sleep is defined as the percentage of time spent in bed sleeping. ...more

Top 10 Tips For Healthy Menicures

Millions of women to visit manicure nails manicure professional each year. Unfortunately, the result of this development is manicure nail fungus or a bacterial infection that can not only wrong, but felt worse in May Although HIV / AIDS can be transmitted through the skin that occurs during a visit to a nail salon, which is extremely rare. What can I do to reduce your risk of infection or the development of a fungus, or HIV / AIDS, caused by a manicure? A few simple steps before your next manicure can reduce your risk of developing a pain or a fungal infection of nails, or illness. ...more