I’ll Be…

That song by Edwin McCain always makes me cry, and smile too. ...more

I Can’t Wait! I Can’t Wait!!

I’m pretty sure we were actually driving down to Port Canaveral for our Christmas cruise (we actually cruised in January, but it was a family Christmas present-rather than buying a bunch of little things) when I brought it up to Roy. “We should go to Disney this summer.” I said. “Really,” he sighed, “Honey, can’t […] Read more → ...more

Better than a Boyfriend?

On Facebook I follow a number of lifestyle sites, and yesterday as I was browsing my feed I ran across and article entitled, “14 Reasons why Having a Best guy friend is better than having a boyfriend?” And though I am a VERY happily married woman, I was intrigued, so I clicked on it. What […] Read more → ...more

Rabid Loyalty

The past few years has seen us (maybe me more specifically) bitten by the cruising bug. ...more

How Could You Be So Heartless…

No this post is not about Kayne West-another post, another day-rather this is about me. I’ve been accused of being heartless, cold, demanding, sometimes even cruel. I don’t think I AM any of those things, rather I think I can be heartless, cold, demanding or cruel on occasion, but at my core I don’t see […] Read more → ...more

A Mother’s Pride

I shouldn’t even call this post that-it should probably read a parent’s pride. ...more

And Once Again…

I’ve been absent. For years, I was good about my writing-I wrote a little something every day. ...more

Customer Service with a….nasty attitude?

Roy and I are lucky enough to be able to do some traveling. ...more

Graduation is Not an “I” Event

I woke up this morning and when I had a moment checked out my Facebook feed on my phone. ...more

Return To Camp Crystal Lake

Check out my post on ScareTissue.com. Link: Return To Camp Crystal Lake Read more → ...more