I was sitting at my computer yesterday at 11:30. ...more

The Martian

I don’t write movie reviews on here often-mainly because my taste in movies can be kinda out there. ...more


And just like that, I feel back on track. ...more

Random Musings

I’ve been going through a bit of a writer’s block lately. ...more

Still Sick

Every year, about this time-I get sick. And every year, at about this time-I pray it’s just a cold. See, whatever is going on with me, I end up with this lingering cough ....more

Keeping It Short and Sweet

I like to think that I can be sensitive to others with differing political views. ...more

Settling In

Ok, first, I just had to look up Settling to make sure I spelled that right! ...more

Post a Naked Selfie

Got your attention didn’t I? No, I’m not saying pull a Playboy Centerfold move-I’m talking a naked face. ...more

To the Close Minded Mom in Walmart

To Whom It May Concern, I don’t know your name, and if I’m being honest I’ll tell you I just heard this second hand from my son, Addison. But, because his story was simple without any dramatic monologues (he’s like me-a storyteller, and sometimes we both embellish), I’m tempted to believe him wholeheartedly on this. […] Read more → ...more

Disney World-We Love You!

One thing Roy has always accused me of when it comes to vacations is over planning. ...more