Hayden and Basketball

Hayden is an active little boy. He loves to play outside with friends, likes PE, loves watching sports with Daddy. ...more

Home Alone

I am home alone-completely alone-well, unless you count the three fluff balls (our dogs-who at this very moment are staring at me wondering if I have food at the table-I do not.) ...more

The Kindness of Strangers-NOT!

I’m what I like to think of as slightly clumsy. ...more

Birchbox-February 2015

This is my second box from Birchbox, and this time I calmed myself and took pictures from start to finish. ...more

A Challenge Accepted

So our little guy has been wanting a WiiU for awhile now. He loves his games, and I will say that the Wii has more age appropriate games for little guys than the Xbox and Playstation. But it isn’t cheap ....more

My Best Girl

For some reason, Dean and Hayden LOVE going to Costco. ...more


With five boys in the house, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that phrase over the years. ...more

The Walking Dead – What Happened And What’s Going On (S05E09)

Check out my post on ScareTissue.com. Link: The Walking Dead – What Happened And What’s Going On (S05E09) Read more → ...more

Our Kind of Celebrities

We are GIHUGIC Guardians of the Galaxy fans. ...more

Fabfitfun-Winter Edition 2014 (Or This is My Kinda Box!!)

I had read about this box on another site-My Subscription Addiction-and I wavered for a few weeks before I decided to jump in. A few things first, I am sure Roy is regretting showing me the other site, as I LOVE it, look at it constantly and want 85% of what the post about. ...more