merry christmas!

Last night, Christmas Eve, not a creature was stirring ... This morning, the aftermath ... The best and most creative gift I received .. ....more

i believe in father christmas - redux

Here's a throwback post from 2011, which still has meaning for me, especially today ...My almost eight year-old has been asking me all month long about Santa. She was bugged that some of the kids at school were trying to convince her that he doesn't exist. A lot of her friends still believe, but she has asked me if I do, too ....more

xmas tree hats ...


we're on ho-ho-holiday

School's out for two plus weeks for the holidays ... what trouble can we get into .. ....more

favorite song friday: ho ho holiday songs

Here's a throwback post, from 2011, of some of my favorite holiday music: It's so hard to avoid holiday music. Three local radio stations are currently playing tunes around the clock. Do we really need three? ...more

throwback (holiday) thursday: christmas lights

From 2012 From 2011 From 2010 ...more

karla kristalova: childhood dreams and nightmares

I am loving a current exhibit at the Norton Museum of Art so much - Karla Kristalova: Turning into Stone. The Czechoslovakian-born artist, who is based in Sweden, makes clay and porcelain sculptures which conjure the world of fairy tales, childhood, fantasy, and at times, horror films. Her show at the Norton, which is part of the RAW (Recognition of Art by Women) initiative, is both dreamy and creepy ....more

back to the museum i go ...

I am currently in the docent training program at our local art museum, the Norton Museum of Art. I have been taking part since October, and have been enjoying it immensely. It's actually quite a rigorous program, but that is one of the things about it that I like the most ....more

visiting hours

I've been thinking lately that I need to stop worrying about my mother. Every time I go to see her she seems happy. Happy to see me ....more

Mom [Flickr]

xoxoxoe posted a photo: ...more