the birds

During the week I try to fit in a walk on the beach after I drop the kid off at school. I can't be sure, but a few of the gulls seem to be treating me like a regular lately, not skittering off as soon as I get in their vicinity ....more

johnny depp's mortdecai ...

1. Sure has bugged a lot of people.2. Didn't do his usual huge box office.3. Is another one of his "eccentric" characters.4. Was dumped in the late January movie release graveyard.5. Isn't all that bad.6. Was inexplicably given an R rating (in the U.S.)Which of the above statements most accurately fit the latest film offering from Johnny Depp? How about all of the above ....more


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favorite song friday: vinyl makes a reappearance

Going through a closet the other day I found some old 78 records of my mom's and probably her mom's. Most of them are recordings of historic events, like coronations (my mother was born in England and she and my grandmother lived there for the first five or six years of her life). I realized I had nothing to play them on, and picked up a turntable that can also convert them to digital files, if I wanted.As I was showing my daughter how to play a record on the turntable I realized that I really missed my old record collection ....more

throwback thursday: morning stroll

When we first moved down here four years ago I was walking everywhere after dropping the kid to school. I need to get back in the habit, as you can see some pretty cool things around town ....more

more gorgeous sky

I can't get over how painterly the sky has been lately ....more

bewitching stitching

I recently came across The Embroiderers' Guild of Victoria's Facebook page. So many gorgeous images. My grandmother taught me how to sew and embroider when I was pretty young, and off and on through the years I've worked on some pretty cool projects ....more

tiny time traveler

My daughter sometimes writes herself a note to remind her about something for the next day. This recent one is a favorite of mine. Could this be the result of watching Dr ....more

Time travel [Flickr]

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