"Black Friday" Lives up to its Name

Black Friday for me started out as a bad makeup session. My everyday foundation took a turn for the dark side this morning as I was smearing yesterday's stress out of existence. Somewhere in the past 24 hours, it went from it's normal peachy beige tone to a "I spent 40 days in the Miami sun", shade. ...more

Happy Thanksgiving, and don't forget to buy extra sugar!

I was kinda thinking that this Thanksgiving was gonna be a bust, starting with the fact that neither of my two brother wished me a happy birthday which was just a few days before the holiday starts. Such is life. ...more

Mommy School - or Lack Of

It's been another hectic week and Thanksgiving isn't even here yet. Strep Throat decided it justneeded to pay us a visit since it seems, we are the only family it hasn't paid a visit to in 13 years....more

I feel your pain! I don't think we need a Mommy School but maybe Mommy's Spa Vacation to get ...more

I HATE Build-A-Bear..... THERE! I Said It.

I'm sure every parent has been to that Build-A-Bear shop where you get your 30 minute thrill out of watching your child carefully choose their bear, stuff it, fluff it, and then dress it in the trendiest outfits while you fork over your last months salary to pay for it....more

New "Pool" Rules

So since getting the pool cleaned, painted, filled, and shocked; I got back on my kids favorite list.  That is until I made my "Pool Rules".   You know, the ones that take all the fun out of playing in the pool for your kids because "Safety Mom" came out again. Kids just don't get that this is a concrete pool, not that plastic blow up contraption that you bought on a whim while zipping through WallyWorld for a gallon of milk and a box of Swiss Rolls cause your kids were driving you crazy because we didn't have a pool like "other" people. ...more

My Week as an Inexperienced Pool Maintenance Laborer

 This week I undertook a job that I thought I'd never attempt to do; I became a Pool Maintenance Temp, sans any experience whatsover beyond that pool chemical thingy for a hot tub.We moved into this great cottage-type house that has a 20 x 17 pool that needed attention badly. The only thing bold enough to swim in that sucker were the local frogs and a few leaves falling from the trees. Not even the giant winged, man-eating cockroaches Palmetto bugs would come near it. ...more

I'm A Thrift Store and I'm Open For Business!

For the past few days, I've been a serious sea of boxes that literally reach higher than my head while trying to figure what needs to go where and which needs to go to the dump finally.  I cannot believe the amount of completely useless junk  stuff we carry around as a family....more

I can definitely relate to your experience. I refrain from inviting friends to the house. The ...more

Changes in Latitude.... Changes in Attitude

No, I did not recently attend a Jimmy Buffet concert. Just a stinking saying that plopped into my head when I sat down to start writing this. It does fit considering changes have occurred upon moving to a new location.Well, we're getting settled into our new house here in Auburn sans furniture, just fine. Thank God someone left their small kitchen table and chairs behind or we'd be eating dinner on our new hardwood floors and we all know just how lovely it can be scraping spilt spaghetti sauce on those floors. Especially if it's dried.... ewwwww!...more

Moving With Ease... kinda, sorta, in our own round about way

Well, we managed to make to our location here in Auburn, Ala-BAM-a safe and sound, and without mangling each other too much. Luckily, no duct tape was needed in order to maintain order with the younger kids; they seemed to handle everything with ease. Dang! You should have seen Toni move the 20-shelf bookcase when we asked her. Bawhahahahahaha!! Gotcha! Our last day at our old house in Florida did not end without several "hiccups", of course. Somehow, "someone" managed to lose 5 hinges that were needed to hang the cabinets doors back up....more

Life In The Moving Lane.... Better Wear Your Seatbelt Tight!

Life in the moving lane isn't pretty; never has been - never will be.  Moving seems to bring out the absolute WORSE in people.  That is unless you are fortunate enough to have a moving company, cleaning company, painting company do all for you while you hire a therapist to coach you and the rest of your family through the ordeal!  ...more