Pajaggle: A Timberdoodle Review

This fall I’m going to be beginning my first year of “real” homeschooling. I’ve been doing little things here and there with homeschool preschool, which I just considered the usual stuff to pass the time and have fun with the kids. We’ve done nothing serious, especially since my boys attention spans are so short ....more

This One Is For The Dads

Husband. Father of my offspring. Baby Daddy ....more

How I Make Money From My Blog Without Writing Sponsored Posts

No blogger makes their income exactly the same way another blogger does. The best way to make money blogging is to have several different streams of revenue coming in. The most common ways bloggers make money are sponsored posts, affiliate linking, ads, and selling their own products ....more

A Fun Way to Learn How to Write the Alphabet

I was given this product for free in...more

Dealing with Internet Trolls

I want to talk about something that I would normally avoid discussing because I don’t like to write about things that make me or others feel negative, but I’ve processed this issue enough to write about it from a place of encouragement rather than ranting. As a writer/blogger, I’ve experienced my fair share of online attacks against my character from people who wouldn’t know me from Adam if they passed me on the street. Most attacks have come when I’ve been featured on the Huffington Post or Scary Mommy, but I’ve gotten the nastiest, most hurtful attacks here on my own site ....more

Science With Tots Deluxe Kit

I am so excited to share about this deluxe science kit from Timberdoodle that we have been playing around with for the last month. It is SO cool, you guys! Ever since I put together our homeschool area, I’ve been looking forward to filling it up with fun and educational items for the boys to freely explore ....more

The Benefits of Being Published on the Huffington Post

I have seen a lot of debates in blogging communities regarding the benefits of being published on the Huffington Post, with most of the bloggers feeling like Huffington doesn’t treat it’s bloggers well since they don’t pay them. At the same time, I do find that most of the bloggers who feel this way have never been published on the Huffington Post. I’ve also seen some articles here and there where the writer specifically turned down the opportunity to be published on the Huffington Post because they won’t write for free ....more

My Nightly Mommy Routine

Every mom should have a nightly routine that helps her relax, re-center, and de-stress. Moms give all day long; this is your time to give back to yourself. I am a huge advocate for real, daily self-care; especially for moms because we give so much to those around us, we need to replenish the well at some point in the day ....more


Unschooling My newest foray in the homeschooling world is UNschooling. Have you heard of it? I’ve heard about it a lot over the years but always overlooked it because I didn’t like the sound of it ....more

Self-Care 101 for Highly Sensitive Moms

This post could really be for any mom, so don’t worry if you don’t identify with being highly sensitive; all moms need to have a self-care routine! I’m writing this especially with highly sensitive moms in mind because I think, for myself at least, daily down time and self-care is almost crucial for my survival. I’m not a good mom if I’m not able to wind down in silence at least once during some part of my day ....more