Familiar Songs

The sound of reintegration is jarring. It’s a song that is familiar but too loud, too fast, and you can’t remember the words. Crescendos at all the wrong places ....more

One Year {for baby zz}

Blue-eyed and redheaded, you are my unique little buddy sent to fit perfectly in this family. The bookend baby, loved by all and filling up everyone’s hearts in the best ways. Miss E delights in caring for you, knowing that you reach for her and find comfort in her arms ....more

Another Year of the Pumpkins {five years of tolerating it!}

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Four, Four, Somebody is Four!

Oh, Tater Tot. Four. You’re four ....more

Eleven Months {for baby z}

Now that I’m eleven months old, I run with glee screech like an eagle (also with glee) say “hi dad” to face time on the phone discovered the play set slide love the falling leaves (chasing them, crushing them, tasting them) and love charming strangers everywhere we go ....more

{they called me} Carrots!

Halloween costumes have been a serious topic of conversation around here lately. The school allows kids to wear a costume for the day, but only if happens to be a character from a book. That alone causes enough stress to prompt weeks of deep thought and plans ....more

Cold Tea {and finding my words again}

I made a cup of hot tea with honey in it thirty eight minutes ago. It’s cold and funny tasting, thanks to steeping for a half hour too long. My throat hurts, two kids have a disgusting cough, and the baby is teething so hard right now that he was nearly scraping the paint off E’s metal bunk ladder earlier ....more

Ten Months {for baby z}

Now that I’m ten months old, I walk (!!!!) climb (everything in sight) finally say “mama” am a county fair Diaper Dash champion love to eat everything, everywhere, everytime and love wrestling with my brother ....more

Nine Months {for baby z}

Now that I’m nine months old, I wave (if I feel like it) say “kitty” all the time (but still love all four legged creatures) really, really, really, really want to walk (so I can chase the cat better) love spaghetti, and squash, and especially spaghetti squash really, really, really, really hate baby gates and have eight (very sharp) teeth! ...more