Recipe: Honeycrisp Cinnamon Oats

Late Summer and early Autumn is my favourite time of year for produce. Most of my favourites are abundant – figs, black grapes, concord grapes, pears, and… Honeycrisp Apples....more

RECIPES: Baked Falafel & Baba Ghanoush on Pita

 It has only now, upon typing this, occurred to me that a large number of my favourite things to make and eat are Mediterranean style....more

Easy, Healthy Dessert: Walnut Stuffed Figs w/ Spiced Honey Creme

This time of year, the biggest fig crops are bursting forth – bringing with it one of nature’s healthiest and most luxurious desserts.Figs are nutritionally dense with B-vitamins, Potassium, Copper, Manganese, and lots of Fiber.This makes them a smart snack or dessert, as well as an amazing addition to salads and entrees....more

Healthy Cookout Side: Bourbon Smoked Paprika-Lime Corn

 Summer cookouts often have fatty, unhealthy side dishes, but it doesn’t have to be that way!One of my favourite sides to make is not only super easy and delicious, but healthy, too. This time of year, the fresh corn is at its best – so get it while you can!You can throw these on the grill for 15 minutes, as written, if you’d rather, but this particular recipe is for the oven. So you can make your Bourbon Smoked Paprika-Lime Corn on the Cob rain or shine....more

When to Spend the Money for Organic?

Yes, buying Organic can be expensive, but the trick is knowing when it’s actuallynecessary to spend the extra money. ...more

In-Season Produce Throughout The Year

It has now been a full year since I began posting monthly in-season produce infographics, with their nutritional and health benefits described. They started out very simple last June, and became much more elaborate as time went on. So you’ll see the style change a bit when looking through them all.These images have been passed around Pinterest and Facebook like wildfire, and have been incredibly popular with you guys. So I have decided to put them all on one page  to bookmark for your year-round convenience. You may find them below.Enjoy!...more

One Thing At A Time To Reach Your Goals

 Many people make the mistake of trying to make too many changes at once.Rather than attempt a complete lifestyle overhaul overnight, focus on one change at a time, big or small....more
Thanks for sharing - I agree, unrealistic or too many goals may become overwhelming & ultimately ...more

Mediterranean Style Orzo Stuffed Peppers

 These Orzo Stuffed Peppers are a great option when it’s too hot to cook, and you want a light, healthy, easy to make dinner.It’s best to pre-make the orzo at the beginning of the week, so the mixture has time to cool(and for the flavours to “meld”). You just scoop out enough Orzo mixture to fill a fresh cut bell pepper whenever you need one....more

What are the Health Benefits of May's Fresh Produce?

From improving your looks to improving the eyes that do the looking, May’s fresh produce is an assortment of very low calorie, but high impact, fruits and vegetables....more

What are the Health Benefits of April's Fresh Produce?

April begins the season where  markets start to overflow with a wide variety of fun and interesting produce. You can also find fresh and healthy greens right in your own backyard(literally!). Try eating some of those dandelion greens, rather than weeding them out – just be sure to wash them well first....more