Is Living Together A Bad Idea

Is Living Together A Bad Idea? Are you asking if living together is a bad idea compared to getting married then living together? Is living together a bad idea if you are very young, e.g. under 20? Is living together a bad idea when you are older and you each have a lifetime’s collection of goods, chattels and property? Is living together a bad idea if your friends and family don’t like who you are living with? So many questions, all relevant in some way. ...more

Will Having A Baby Change Your Relationship?

Will having a baby change your relationship?   Children, bless them, change our lives in many many ways – for ever!   Most of my career has involved working with children in some shape or form, school children, teenagers, children with behaviour problems, children with severe and complex intellectual problems, teenage mothers and pre-school educational provision. These days I hear from my employees about the trials and delights of family life.  ...more

Feeling Lonely

Living Alone Doesn’t Mean You Have To Feel Lonely I know many single and separated people that live alone, most of them have great social lives and value their freedom. One or two sit around at home feeling lonely. There are several reasons that people feel lonely....more

Women Need Conversation Like men Need Sex

Women need conversation like men need sex.Leave this lying around for your man to look at! If men understood this one thing about women they would find their relationships more exciting, more fulfilling and sexier! When women say ‘talk to me’, they are looking for closeness and connection with their partner. When women feel connected and intimate with their partner sex becomes a natural extension of that intimacy. Men may enjoy sex for the sake of it, women enjoy sex as an expression of ‘togetherness’....more

Where do children in full time day care form attachments?

I've just been involved in delivering training in developing prosocial behaviour in pre-school children. One of the areas of concern is children that spend 30-40 hours every week in kindergarten. Who do they form their primary attachments with?...more