Getting Real about Yoga and Mothering with Ashtangi Stan Bryne

 Ashtanga practitioners have a certain reputation. They generally are strong and athletic, don't mind a little bit of sweat and pain, and are extremely dedicated to get up early six days a week and practice their craft. It takes a certain kind of person....more

Now's the Perfect Time to Remember Ancestors

Reading Storytime Yoga's latest Kids Storybook kit, The Skeleton's Ball, it reminded me that "fall is the time when things are dying and passing away. It’s the time to recognize grief, remember ancestors and others in our life who have died."...more

Skeleton's Ball GIVEAWAY!

Through song, stories and other activities Storytime Yoga's latest Story of the Month kit, called The Skeleton's Ball, gets your bones moving!...more
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Yesterday Was Different

Releasing the Hot Spring Within


Honor Thy Mother

Thinking about what I want to do this year, I remember last year's empowering day - It's Mother's Day, and I am brooding. Perhaps, I am just expecting too much: a little breakfast, a little hand-made card, a flower picked from the garden? Nope, nothing. "You are not my mother," my husband said. True, but I am carrying his child, and caring for his two-year-old. This is my day. Mother's Day. But I am not feeling very honored or even especially loved. That said, there is also a lot of chaos and change going on in our home....more

A Yoga ... Competition?

A yoga competition? I know, it makes no sense. ...more

The Double Buzz

You know that buzz you get while doing something you are deeply passionate about? Wonder how you can increase that buzz (uh, naturally)? ...more

VOTE Here to See A YOGA-MOM and Her BABY On the Cover of Yoga Journal

The esteemed Yoga Journal is running a cover model contest right now. If you would like to see a yogi-mama and her baby on the cover, then please vote for my picture here. Select the star rating and push RATE....more

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