SlutWalk Dallas

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know about the furor that's been raised by a Toronto police officer when he suggested that women can avoid being raped ...more

Anonymiss: a new arm of the women's movement?

If you've kept up with events in the Middle East via Twitter, you've no doubt seen several different versions of a headless Lilith Sternin Crane-looking avatar floating around. If you've followed any of their feeds, you also may have found that the women sharing this image, and more who don't, are some of the best sources for information about the events happening in that region....more

Women's History, All Year!

Women's History Month is a great time to learn and celebrate women's history, but don't stop learning and celebrating just because March is over. We've rounded up some resources for extending your women's history education, as well as keeping track of women making history as we speak. Let us know if there are any of your fave resources that we missed!  ...more

The Enchantress of Numbers: Ada Lovelace

The daughter of Lord Byron, mathematician, and the woman credited with being the world's first computer programmer still inspires...Augusta Ada Byron, born in 1815, lived a short life of rigorous study, frequent illness, family drama and later, great intellectual and mathematical work. More than a hundred years after her death, she is an inspiration for computer scientists everywhere, especially women....more

Where are all the feminist fashion bloggers?

We have tech, business and spiritual bloggers who are proudly feminist, but who is claiming the title of feminist fashion blogger? I know what you're thinking - the fashion industry is known for exploiting women and encouraging eating disorders, not to mention actively promoting heinous photoshop work. But, if you look outside of the industry, you'll see women who love pretty clothes and kicking ass while wearing them, no matter where they work their day jobs....more

Girl Gamers: a new option for tweens

Girls and video games: in the predominantly male world of game developers, the combination is still somewhat of a mystery. Most games for girls are super pink and girly, like Barbie and anything on this site, and while that may not be terrible in itself it doesn't contribute to growth as many games aimed at boys do....more

Women's History Month - how will you be celebrating?

Women's History Month is coming up, next week - what will you be doing to celebrate? This year's theme is "Our History is Our Strength," and there are a ton of great events going on across the country in honor of that. We found some great online programs for writers and bloggers, and some other events in various cities to mark this year's Women's History Month....more

A'Lelia Bundles: Family History

It's hard to imagine growing up in a family like that of A'Lelia Bundles. Her great-great grandmother was the legendary business woman Madam C.J. Walker....more

Many thanks to Kim Milata-Daniels and YoLadies for the story that helps us let others know of ...more

Who is Nawal El Saadawi?

Nawal El Saadawi, a novelist, playwright, and psychologist, is probably the most revered feminist leader that Egypt has. For more than fifty years, El Saadawi has spoken up on behalf of women in Egypt, showing in psychological studies the ill-effects of a repressive society and of misogyny and abuse....more

Thanks so much for your kind words, Nancy! There is a movement of women daring to step out, in ...more

Poly Styrene Returns