Eliza's Story

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How I Met Your Father; So Not a Love Story

    I really like my husband. He is a little goofy  and can be shy at times, but over all he is a really nice guy. I thought he was a really nice guy when I first met him. No, when I first met him I thought he was a creepy 18 year old, but that was because he had this stupid grin on his face....more


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 When have I known Peace?     As a child, the first time I sat on a swing and pushed myself off into space.          Peace came at me as freedom, wind ruffling my skirts, my hair, my cares.  It mattered not that I was hungry, or lonely, or sad, only that I could feel the rush of nothingness as I swung back and forth. I was four years old and I finally knew what Peace could feel like, and it felt like freedom. When have I known Peace?...more

My Son

    I have seven children, for a woman who started out not wanting any, seven is indeed a very large number. Each child was born to me at a different stage in my life. My oldest came when I was just learning to be a woman. While she grew into her childhood, I was outgrowing mine. Thank God it turned out well, for there are many such mother/daughter pairs that have not....more