Christie Brinkley Didn't Get Night Sweats...and Other Things I Hate About Perimenopaue

If the word "perimenopause" didn't already give it away, this one's for the girls...the women....more

The One Where I Tell You How I Almost Got Shot: TWICE.

It seems like lately I've been so busy trashing critiquing celebrities and taking care of housekeeping duties here on the blog that I've strayed a bit from storytelling. And I'm sure you've been missing my stories. Or not. But nevertheless I spent yesterday making a list of some things that have happened in my life that might make humorous &/or interesting stories. I have six of them....more

7 REAL phrases that make me feel loved and respected

A few weeks ago someone on Facebook shared an article called, "7 Phrases That Will Make Your Partner Feel Loved & Respected."  I'm gonna be honest. I only clicked on the link because I thought (hoped) it was going to be a sarcastic and smart-ass article.It wasn't....more

Zac Efron: This Time, It's Personal

Tuesday I found out that my #1 inappropriate crush, Zac Efron, spent some time in rehab earlier this year. While of course I was happy that he was able to not only admit that he had a problem but to successfully get help, when I found out yesterday just what his addiction was to, I wasn't so happy. I'll give you a clue. It ain't cola....more

So My Kid's A Picky Eater . Get Over It.

 Ever since my girls have been babies, they've both been supremely picky eaters.As in "will pretty much only eat foods that are white or beige or orange" kind of picky eaters....more

Bienvenidos, Students! (No hablo espanol)

 When I started college, I wanted to be a news anchor.Correction: I wanted to be the next Mary Hart (my love of Hollywood and obsession with the absurdity of celebrity life goes way, way back)....more
Great post -- and I was going to say that the title was not quite right (but good try!)more

Are You There Judy?

Okay girls. I've got a question for you.What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Ralph? ---If you just chuckled, blushed and reverted back to your 13 year old self, you must have been a big fan of Judy Blume books. Like most girls who grew up in the 70's and 80's, I was obsessed. ...more

Life Lessons from The Bachelor

 Tonight my 17 year old daughter goes back to school....more

Confessions of a stage mom (or, Why I'm Jealous of my Kids)

I know I've mentioned before that the Things are theatre kids.In fact, I wrote about the ups and downs of auditioning a few months ago when Thing 2 had just auditioned for Annie and for the first time experienced the heartaches of rejection (sort of)....more