So, Back to School

So much happened this summer.  Most of it good.  As a couple we grew stronger.  Elder Daughter is feeling better.  Sassy Girl continues to make us laugh and bring a fresh perspective to all topics.  Hotspur is growing and shining and has begun new extracurricular activities.  Back to school started off on a negative note due to quite a bit of key staff turn over.  This setback was aggravated by what I have come to view as “the veil of secrecy philosophy” that the special education school strives to operate under....more

Why are you here?


Staying Married

Just like millions of others, my lover and I celebrated a wedding anniversary this past holiday weekend.  For the record, it was 22 years (if this were a cop show, it would be “The Two Two”.)  In “real” time, 22 years feels alot like 44 years.  It is both a long time and a short time....more

A Camping We Will Go

Brainchild:  wouldn’t it be fun to go camping as a family for Father’s Day?  The whole weekend together, roughing it and showcasing my husband’s manly skills to his children!  With the weekend looming, I began to stage for the trip, pressing into service various offspring to fetch and carry tents, Coleman stove, food stuffs, bugspray, etc.  The mound in the living room grew quite large and seemed grander than when we packed for 10 day drive to Florida.  A spirit of adventure filled us and excitement was in the air....more

Our Very Own Hermit, Foiled Again!

One thing you just don’t get from public school is intel on birthday party invitations that my Aspie fourteen year old may have chucked out so I wouldn’t see it and he wouldn’t have to go.  Yes, I did say fourteen year old; so, I should maybe cut the public school some slack as it ain’t normal for teachers and parents to coordinate the social life of a 7th grader.  Well, actually, that’s the problem with public school — they don’t get this is exactly the type of support an Aspie needs, but that is for a different post....more

What Not to Wear to Court

Recently I got to visit court.  Court is not like it appears on TV or in movies.  It is scary and intimidating.  As my lover and I stumbled our way through the process and found seats among the benches of the courtroom, I couldn’t help but notice some discrepancies among how folks were dressed.  I know every generation needs to set its own style and standards....more

A Quest

In these hard times of “deep recession” (euphemism for “the economy is fucked”), I suggest you avail yourself of the many fine thrift stores to be found where you live.  Thanks to five years of a whole host of bad decisions by folks on all points of the political spectrum, thrift stores have appeared like mushrooms after a heavy rain.  I mention this budget conscious version of shopping because times are hard and money is tight and a thrift store can supply you with some clothing basics that with a good wash you can consider your own....more

Ain't No Picnic

t really sounded like a good idea:  family vacation to Disney World!  Huzzah!  Right?  So what if the “children” are 20, 17 and 14?  Everyone would have a great time!  I planned and  organized rooms, luggage, parks, dinner shows, and activity choices from everyone (well, everyone who voiced one) incorporated into the itinerary.  Everyone seemed excited....more

Traveling to a Foreign Country

Today we began our journey from New England to the Deep South.  Well.  Actually, to Orlando to hit various parks.  So, we are passing through parts of The South, but really, even the Southerners do not consider Orlando part of The South.  As we crossed into Virginia, I thought it prudent to tell my daughters we had just entered a foreign country and therefore, to ensure we do not offend and end up in a jail cell unexpectedly, we must be extra polite and cease all swearing.  We kicked around replacing all swears with “cuss”....more

I Am Katniss

Yes, I am on fire.  Yes, I am a survivor.  Yes, I stumble along, but I will do what needs to be done.  I will fight for the weak and for the innocent.  At the risk of sounding like a lemming (shout out to Lisa G), I enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy and the movie rendition.  Life lessons I would like to expound upon are the subject of my post tonight.  ...more