Halloween Bento

Counting down days to Halloween, I got inspired to make a Halloween themed bento lunch for my kids. This is my first attempt to make charaben (character bento!) All the cute Halloween themed treats and decorations I see everywhere these days, there's no better time to try. I love decorating cookies and treats for holidays anyway, so why not have fun with bento? ...more

Teriyaki Chicken Patties

Who doesn't like Teriyaki Chicken?  The flavor combination of chicken and sweet teriyaki sauce is everyone's favorite, at least at my house.  It gets even more popular when I use ground chicken to make little hamburger patties and glaze them with home made teriyaki sauce.  Well, in Japan, no one really uses bottled teriyaki sauce.  It's a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and sake, which is really easy to make and tastes so much better!  You can add mirin if you have a bottle, but it works just fine without it too....more

Quick and Deluxe Mac & Cheese Bento

Quick and Deluxe?  Yes.  Quick because this can be made in 20 minutes in the morning.  Deluxe because it's made from scratch on the stove-top with lots of fresh vegetables and cheddar cheese.  My kids named this mac and cheese "deluxe" because it's loaded with vegetables, and believe it or not, they prefer this one to plain mac and cheese just with cheese....more