Five Ways to Soar through the Struggle

We all have a time where everything seems to be hitting a wall. There are times where one area of your life is so out of alignment it will not allow you to focus on the positive things that are happening in other areas. If you have been through or going through this process, I have some tips for you that will help you soar though the struggle....more

15 Ways to Create Happiness

Four Superfoods for Healthy Hair

If you want a healthy head of hair, start with your insides first. What are you feeding yourself? Diet plays a very important part when it comes to our looks. These superfoods will have your hair growing, shiny, and healthy.Blueberries This little berry has a lot of power. Not only does it enhance your brain health. Your skin and hair will thank you too. Blueberries have a plant chemical called proanthocyanidins. This is a plant chemical that interacts with hair follicles to speed up the growth process....more

Three Ways to Fight Fear and Go for Your Dreams

The Ah-ha moment finally hit, you have that melodic nudge from your intuition to get those goals rolling towards your dreams. In excitement you start to write down plans in your inspiration notebook, call up a few of your near and dears, and share your ideas. Then something happens. There is that little voice that creeps in that brings everything to a screeching halt. That awesome life you just imagined is interrupted by your ego telling you everything that is wrong with taking that leap of faith.I am calmly telling you to have no fear and go after your dreams....more

Quotes on Forgiveness

There are many times in life that we may feel hurt, cheated, and done wrong. Through it all it is important to follow the art of forgiveness. It is important to both forgive yourself and the person that hurt you.  This will give you the personal freedom to grow and see the grace, lesson, and blessing in the situation. Forgiveness is not an easy task and it a process of personal growth and development. As we strengthen our understanding we see the power and healing forgiveness will bring.Quotes on forgiveness....more