Unsolicited Relationship Advice: You Know, the Advice You Didn't Ask Me For

Every now and then I Google myself to view my virtual footprint.I was surprised when I came up on a dating site as a member’s favorite poet—if only because I don’t write poetry. I am equally surprised though perturbed when I find that I’m giving my contacts (professional and personal) relationship tips via email.When I can, I avoid giving relationship advice at all. The only piece of advice I know to be true—and I try not to pass this on too often—is: relationships end....more

Trying to Make a Pound out of 15 Cents

A few months ago I was accepted to a Creative Writing PH.D program in the UK.  This opportunity allows me to bring my children, myself, my dreams “across the pond”.I have always been moved by words.  Moving across the world to follow them seems—right. Two decades ago I moved to Baltimore because the books I read led me to believe my story would also be written there. These books—I should mention—were fiction.  And they were wrong: my story was being written even before I was born.I didn’t know that then. And so, I moved to Baltimore to follow words....more
@Monica Carter Tagore  I apologize for not responding much sooner. Thank you for the ...more