Why You Should Give Away Work to Attract Paying Clients

If you’re like most entrepreneurs you want your business to make money----actually a lot of it.  So the last thing that you want to hear is that you should give away your work.  However that’s exactly what I’m recommending that you do.  I’m telling you to give away great work to attract paying customers....more
This is great! I do still give away, and now I'm on to bartering, my work for clients, in an ...more

"5 Tips Help Women Entrepreneurs Start Profitable Businesses"

 Increasing women are learning to “have it all” by becoming entrepreneurs. Disenchanted with corporate glass ceilings and inflexible work schedules that make caring for children and aging parents a nightmare, more women are starting their own businesses.  Women are also choosing entrepreneurship based on the realities of marriage and our economy.  These women understand that it’s unwise to stake their families’ financial stability solely on ...more