Peace out.

First, let’s talk about the good news. Blue Lena has a new sister!Isn’t she curvy and pretty?! She’s a really, really good guitar and the Zadge is not a really, really good guitar player, so she wasn’t sure she could … Continue reading → ...more

Random Ruminations

This was last Wednesday in Denver: This was three days later: … when the Zadge and Babe the Builder were Ladies Who Lunch in 80 degree sunshine: And three days after that is May 1 – May Day! Which means … Continue reading → ...more

Wherein the Zadge voluntarily enters eHell.

The Zadge is sitting here watching the NFL Draft live, wondering if Barry Sanders is really as short as he looks. As she is sure all you female readers are doing too! Riigght. She thought about doing a blog recap of … Continue reading → ...more

As Lady Zadge would say, “Blame it on the Bloody dog hair!”

Look, the Zadge hasn’t had time to blog at you because her life has been filled up. With dog hair: And with finishing her ill-conceived project of painting the stairs black, which now have as much dog hair on them … Continue reading → ...more


The Zadge planned to do a goofy post about her weekend shenanigans, which really weren’t all that anyway, but feels too sad and dismayed about the Boston Marathon tragedy today to blog about something so relatively insignificant. The Zadge lived in … Continue reading → ...more

Random Ruminations

1.  Blue Lena is back home!  She’s safely in one piece.  She’s been strumming a lot of Elvis and Celine Dion since she’s been back.  You know why?  She was in VEGAS!  Yes, Vegas.  Southwest Airlines delivered her back to … Continue reading → ...more


That’s ALL POINTS BULLETIN peeps!  What the po-po say when there is some urgent situation or when there is an escapee from prison or when BLUE LENA IS LOST IN SPACE! Yes, the Zadge has landed safely back in Denver but her … Continue reading → ...more

Wherein Gloria Steinem hijacks the Zadge’s blog. And Gloria’s really good looking too.

Look, the Zadge is here by the pool in Tucson, all relaxed and freckled tanned, drinking an agave margarita under the desert sky and the Santa Catalina mountains. And she’s going to share all the details of her trip when … Continue reading → ...more

The Zadge is Leaving On a Jet Plane but not the one below.

Look, the Zadge is way too busy right now to give any good blog. She’s been packing for her Tucson resort getaway – she leaves early tomorrow morning. She’s been writing out detailed instructions for Ross From Friends and Griswald, … Continue reading → ...more

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. On a plane.

Not often, but sometimes the Zadge’s interior design ideas are better in conception than execution. I’m talking to you, drunk night of glue-gunning ribbon to lampshades. The Zadge fears one of those moments is happening right now. The whole “let’s paint … Continue reading → ...more