The Beauty of the Small Blog

I have a small blog. It’s small in a lot of ways. It’s small in audience. And it’s small in content. I’m not going to get a bazillion shares on Facebook or Google or anywhere else because what I write isn’t hilarious and it’s not practical, it’s just personal. So I’m happy with where I am. With the smallness of it that makes my blog a secluded creative space. I don’t get trolls, or nasty emails or people second guessing everything. And that’s thanks to the smallness of it. ...more
Hooray for the small-timers!more

Motherhood. Enjoy.

I don't know where I read it (I'm sorry. I'm a bad blog reader), but I was reading a post somewhere (if it was you let me know and I'll link up), that although she absolutely loved her children, she didn't enjoy being a mother. I didn't comment because (for the most part) I do enjoy being a mother and I didn't feel that piece of information was something that she needed to hear. But I have been thinking about the enjoyment of motherhood....more

Two Months

Childfree and Parenthood - The False Dichotomy of Happiness


I am not the same as my friends who have chosen to be parents. Nor is Sassymonkey the ...more


This weekend was a recovery weekend. Luckily , I was mostly the only one in need of recovery. Toddlers don't seem to notice when they are sick and Josh seemed to be out of sorts for all of 24 hours before he started feeling better again. To aid my recovery, on Saturday morning my sister picked up Riley to take her to see her great grand father. Frankly, I think she was pretty excited just at the idea of leaving the house....more

Bounced Out

 Proving that given the right circumstances anywhere is an appropriate place for a tiny little nap, even the trampoline. 2009-2010 Good Goog...more

The Cottage

On Saturday I made my maiden voyage (driving on my own) to Sydney. No animals, people, or property was harmed in any way. Major success. I was there for the Sydney Mum/Parenting Bloggers Meet Up, but decided I might as well make a day of it and headed down nice and early. It is also conceivable that I left early to avoid dreaded traffic. I went to my brother’s place first that he shares with his better half....more

The Beauty Spot

  I went a bit nuts with the macro shots this afternoon....more