A Few Things Parents Should Consider When Buying Their Teen’s First Car

Remember the joy of having your first car? Getting your license was the first time you got to feel like you were in control…kind of, and the freedom to get behind the wheel and go somewhere, anywhere without your parents was just as exhilarating as it was terrifying....more

Helpful Tips for Managing Money, Marriage and a Small Business

For many couples, establishing a successful small business is a dream they have that will propel them to leave the rat race behind and embrace the American Dream. Unfortunately, sometimes these visions of success and independence can be easily shattered when the bills come, and the monthly revenue the business generates is insufficient. Before panic sets in, it’s time to pause and review the situation objectively....more

“Trouble afoot: Improving foot care in the workplace”

As the owner of a contracting business, my days are tough to structure. There are some days that I spend all day on my feet at a jobsite. On other days, I might spend the whole day catching up on invoices and other paperwork. In all my years on the job, up and down, inside and out, I’ve come to realize the importance of foot care and its effect on the workplace....more

5 Bathroom Makeover Tips That Add Value to Your Home

It’s no secret that bathroom makeovers pay off in a big when it's time to put a home up for sale. Unfortunately not all changes you make to a bathroom return the same bang for the buck spent. It is important to focus on elements that are high-visibility and depending on the design changes made remodeling a bathroom can be a smart investment.The 2013 Cost vs. Value Report published in Remodeling magazine in January of this year claims that a mid-range bathroom remodel project can recoup up to a whopping 65 percent of the money you spent!...more

5 Home Improvement Projects to Avoid if You Plan to Sell

It is common knowledge that homeowners recognize the need to get their home into tiptop shape before putting it on the market. The question becomes one of which projects will pay off. Sometimes the easiest way to answer a question like this is to know which projects to definitely avoid. The worst possible scenario is one where a seller actually devalues a home with changes meant to be upgrades.Avoid do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that are beyond your capability...more

4 Creative Ways To Reduce Startup Business Costs

Starting a new business is a terrifically exciting venture, but the process does require significant attention paid to budgeting and costs. During the new business's first few months of operation, vital activities will include monitoring current budget requirements and deciphering methods for reducing operational costs. The following options may assist in reducing a company's general costs so that additional funds may be fed into active spending like marketing and product development.Take advantage of cloud technology...more

4 Tips For Starting A Small Business With Your Spouse

Starting a business with one's spouse seems like a no-brainer for many people because we usually tend to bypass considering the downsides of working with someone we love, it’s natural. While you will definitely get to spend more time with that special someone as you build a business together, you also need to make sure that you build it correctly. Starting a business with someone you love can be a complicated matter, so you need to make sure you understand the main attributes of a successful business started by a husband and wife or even siblings....more

Liven Up Your Backyard With An Outdoor Living Space

Now that summer is fast approaching, finding more ways to enjoy the warmer weather will most likely be on everyone’s to-do list. With that in mind, you may want to consider creating a relaxing outdoor living space for entertaining friends and family. Not only is this a great idea for enjoying the summer months, it will increase your chances of selling you home if you ever decide to put it on the market....more

4 Tips For Offsetting The Carbon Footprint of Your Small Business

4 Tips To Offset The Carbon Footprint of Your Small BusinessWhen we picture polluters, we often envision big business entities and huge factories. However, over half the businesses in the US that consume fossil generated fuel are small or home-based. Many companies rely heavily on technology to operate but with a few simple tips business owners can significantly reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing productivity.Move key resources to a centralized location...more

5 Mobile Tools No Freelancer Should Go Without Testing

We all know that when it comes to being a freelancer, it’s all about having the right tools for the job that will make all the difference. However, not all freelancers incorporate mobile applications as a critical element of managing all their tasks, expenditures or boosting productivity. However, succumbing to signing up for every free tool you come across will definitely get you bogged down and ultimately end up being counterproductive....more