Forced into Marriage at 14

 “I refuse to walk in my mum’s shoes” says Mister , 14 year old child bride to WFAC concerning how she was forced to marry a man who is 3 times her age “It all started when I left the city and travelled to the village to spend the summer holidays with my grand mum”, Ms. Mister narrates her struggle, fighting against marrying a 35 year-old man. August 2013, Mister recalls, her mum joking about her meeting her husband in the village....more

Mama Commy: 'I Refused to Die; I Lived to Tell'

“I need my story to be heard. My children need to hear my story and not be told who their mama was”... That was how Madam Njitie Charlotte, commonly called Mama Commy, kicked off this interview while inviting me to sit in her living room. Before I could set up the recorder –  in a very strong emotion, Charlotte raises her two hands at the level of her chest, saying:  ...more


male housewives or househusbands

Yesterday morning, like most of the days, I woke up feeling blessed and very active to execute my work task.  The morning was bright and calm. My assignments were not more than I couldn’t handle.  Everything was going on fine, until the moment I took a walk to a colleague’s desk. This was around midday....more

Support My Cause on W30 for the World Summit Youth Award

Dear Friends and Colleagues, I trust you are doing great, Kindly support my project for this year's  World Youth Summit Award. The link to the program is my team is eager to hear what you think. please feel free to drop a short note in regard to this. i look forward to hearing from you thanks ...more
@zofem There are three major ways you can support us;

1. Click on this link to ...more

A boy is a man and not a girl: The power of circumcision.

Last week, July 16th 2011, Sharon and I had this enriching discussion. Sharon is a friend I recently met in June 2011, during one of my ‘residence’ tour in Kenya. Often, when we meet, we always have new stories to share.  It was almost evening, the usual time Sharon and I would always sit for our storytelling.  Our conversation is never defined. We talk on all sorts of issues....more

Woman Beat 10yr Old Son With Knifes, Heavy Wounds All Over His Body - Gnaija

source: gnaija A 29-year old woman, Mrs. Grace Jacob, (pictured) has been arrested for battering her 10-year-old son, Emmanuel, and forcing him to sleep in the staircase of their home at night. ...more

good woman, bad women

Patriarchy and its multifaceted nature remain the most ancient practices in contemporary era. Women and daughters being the most tormented....more