Abandoning Her Family

What if you're not cut out to be a mom? Sure there are many of us who struggle with the challenges of being a mom, feeling like we aren't enough, like we can't do it, but we stick with it. But not every mom does. Some walk away. I recently wrote a very rough draft of a 200 word flash fiction story, titled The Abbreviated Woman, to try and capture a moment on the surface of a mom who leaves her family. ...more

Through Endangered Eyes: A Poetic Journey Into the Wild Book Review and Giveaway

I recently had the pleasure of reading Rachel Dillon's new book, Through Endangered Eyes: A Poetic Journey Into the Wild. It is extraordinary and so unlike any book I have ever read. Rachel is the illustrator and author of this beautiful book that displays paintings of animals and poems that accompany the images. Children of all ages will enjoy and benefit from this book, because of the artwork, poems, and the additional educational information at the back of the book (descriptions of each animal, a parent's section, and an educator's section). ...more

Visit my blog for a chance to win a free book

Hello! Tomorrow I will have a guest blogger, author Christina Katz of Writer Mama, on my blog! She is on a two-year anniversary blog tour of her book, and each day she's been sharing her experiences as a writer. For a chance to win a free copy of her book, please visit my blog on March 21st, read her post and answer the question(s) in the comments section. I will choose at random one of the comments to receive a copy of Writer Mama donated by Christina herself! ...more