Rock San Francisco Street Style

Four areas that exemplify the variety of styles found in San Fran are the Haight, Castro, Mission and Marina Districts (also Pacific Heights). You get a feel for San Francisco street style in any and all of these different city hot spots. The Haight, or Haight Ashbury, is known as a hippie haven....more

Go For the Gold in Olympics Fashion

The Olympics is the one event in which the entire world participates. It is a time when we come together to celebrate our cultures, our similarities, and even our differences. We marvel at the athletic endeavors of people from our own and other countries....more

How to Dress like Blake Lively

Blake Lively is the epitome of California cool. The star of TV’s “Gossip Girl” is always able to look gorgeous with what seems to be little effort. With a few signature pieces and a little bit of bohemian spirit, you’ll be able to dress like Blake Lively as well....more

Get Tips from Rachel Zoe Styling

Her fashion is ba-nanas. Her clothing lines are ah-mazing. Let’s face it; we die for the Rachel Zoe styling touch. She may have come on the scene as the genius behind Nicole Richie’s style makeover, but she has remained a constant on the fashion scene, styling everyone from Kate Hudson to Anne Hathaway—all while building a brand that’s larger than life. She even wrote a guide on how to stay on trend and in style. And did we mention she somehow looks flawless while doing it all?...more

Get the Sienna Miller Look

I went to the hair salon this week and, as usual, scoured the internet for photos of lust-worthy hair to bring with me. This inevitably brought me to photos of Sienna Miller (because she always has the best shade of wheat blonde locks and dreamy layers). As I was looking at photos, I couldn’t help but swoon over her clothes and accessories, too....more

C'mon Y'all Southern Style Fashion

Step into a style that is uniquely US of A…American and proud…subtle yet sultry…strong and sexy…country style! The sweet southern miss with her big, bea-U-T-ful hair, luscious curves and darling drawl makes men melt and NOT just from that southern summer heat & humidity!...more

Get Jennifer Aniston Style for Less

Wearing the latest trends and pushing the limits isn’t really her thing, she is, after all, “America’s sweetheart,” but playing it safe has never looked so good. We’re talking, of course, about the incomparable Jennifer Aniston; the woman who influenced a nation to cut their hair a certain way; the woman who makes us all want a yoga body and the woman who can take a simple white t-shirt or a distressed pair of jeans and turn them into must-have garments....more

Fashion News of the Week

A month abroad with no internet or phone service had left me with an insatiable thirst for some fashion inspiration. So, upon landing in the confines of one of DFW’s infamous terminals, I raced home to scour the internet for some much-need fashion news. From YSL’s unexpected name change to the new era of supermodels, it’s good to be home. If you’re wondering where I’ve been for the last month, check back for some insight on European style and tips on how to travel and pack! In the meantime, here is the best fashion news of the week:...more

We Bleed for Vampire Style

Vampire style…are we so obsessed with vampires that we’d actually dress to lure or emulate these gothic, mythical creatures? Well…um…YES! How many adult females do you know who read the Twilight series, the classic vampire romance between the dark brooding vamp and the innocent maiden written for teens? How many of us traipse off to see the books as movies (despite the fact that the movies are admittedly deserving of their less than stellar reviews)?...more

How to Wear a Statement Necklace Three Ways

Not all of your jewelry is going to be $9.99 costume jewelry that wears out after a few uses. There are certain pieces of jewelry that can be a good investment....more