Mystery BlogHer '12 Party Revealed: BlogHer '12 Fashion Show and Style Spotlight

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For lo these many weeks there has been a mysterious blank spot in our Official BlogHer Party Plan. A promise for something cool coming your way.

Well, wonder no longer, that empty slot in the schedule is being filled by BlogHer's very first fashion show, and a party celebrating your style!

Styled and MC'ed by BlogHer's editor-at-large (and original style blogger) Kathryn Finney, this show will feature BlogHer's Style community walking the runway, featuring selections from sponsor and other generous contributors. They'll be joined by guests from across our blogging community and Elizabeth Arden will doll the blogger-models up in the latest fall trends for your face.

Finally, because a BlogHer Fashion Show could never be just run-of-the-mill glitz and glamour, thanks to sponsor PetSmart, there will even be some models of the canine variety.

We're excited to celebrate the beauty of and the extend the adrenaline rush of walking the runway to diverse women in our community. We hope each and every attendee will walk out of the show (and party) feeling ready to own your beauty. And we hope this Spotlight on Style joins other BlogHer traditions such as the Geek Bar and Pathfinder Day, the International Activists and the Voices of the Year, the CheeseburgHers and Queerosphere (just to name a few!) to illustrate the full range and experience of being a BlogHer!


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